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Living within the nice and cozy, humid climate of Singapore is indeed unbearable without an air-conditioning system. Be it in your home, office or even car, it’s paramount that your aircon is functioning at full blast, alternatively you’ll definitely suffer from profuse sweating, or worse yet, a heat stroke.

Therefore, aircon maintenance is extremely important to remain it up and going once you would like it the foremost.

If you own an aircon, after a brief time you’ll notice the quality of the air you’re breathing isn’t nearly as good because it once was. This could result in all types of health issues, which is why it’s so important to induce your air-con unit cleaned a minimum of once a year. helps you maintain your cooling by professionally cleaning it especially to get rid of bird droppings.

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The Heart of the Aircon

Unless your entire aircon unit is situated in a very custom design shelter, the outdoor unit of a residential or office aircon is placed on a ledge caged by metal bars, as mandated by the Singapore government.

This outdoor unit houses the foremost important parts that ensure functionality – the compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve. A malfunction of 1 will cause the total cooling system to interrupt down, and you’ll find yourself with an aircon blowing out hot air.


Pecking Problem: Bird Droppings on Aircon Ledge

Remember the mandatory metal bars mentioned above? Contrary to popular belief, they are not the most amount on prevent theft than as a security precaution for pedestrians and thru the servicing period.

As protective because it’s led us to believe, the metal bars attract birds like flowers attract bees. Excessive bird droppings on the outdoor unit not only tarnish the outer appearance of your lovely home, it’ll also spell doom for your aircon compressor unit eventually. Sometime, birds are building their nest on your aircon ledge as well. You will need professional aircon ledge cleaning like CleanWorthy to give you a hand on this.


Clean Your Ledge

Unfortunately, bird droppings are unavoidable. This can be because the aircon compressor unit is found outdoors. Unless you’re willing to construct an elaborate shade which keeps birds out but receives ample ventilation, close to the only action you’ll take is to clean it regularly. you may think about doing it yourself, but this can be strongly advised against because of the sheer danger of climbing to a high place with none safety gear. Rather you ought to leave it to an expert. That’s where we are available.


Clean Your Aircon Ledge. Let It Rain

To remove those corrosive, unsightly, smelly and toxic bird droppings, CleanWorthy is using pressure wash to wash it away. A high velocity stream of fresh water is sprayed out from the nozzle of a high-powered pump, and this effectively flushes out pesky stains with ease. This results to a sparkling clean outdoor unit.

Aircon Ledge Cleaning Results That Your Can Trust

Aircon Ledge Cleaning Price

Type of Aircon LedgeRetail Price
HDB Aircon Ledge Cleaning $ 188.00
Condo Aircon Ledge Cleaning $ 188.00
Commercial Aircon Ledge CleaningRequest Quote

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Count on CleanWorthy Aircon Ledge Cleaning

At CleanWorthy, we provide a range of cleaning services centered on everything in your home and office. From floors to mattresses to furniture, you name it, we are able to clean it.

Our team of experienced professionals can even provide you with invaluable advice on up-keeping and maintaining your home or office, so as that you’re going to be an expert keep the place spick and span in the least times. So don’t wait to any extent further.

Trusting CleanWorthy aircon ledge cleaning service Singapore for are going to be a decent decision. if truth be told it’s one that you just simply can take and trust in us to eliminate your aircon cleaning problems. you would like to travel to our website and book our service online at the comfort of your home or office. you’re absolve to contact our customer service on phone or by email at any time of the day. We are the highest aircon ledge cleaning company in Singapore. 

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