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Marble Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, marble polishing will be needed!

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Marble Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Marble Maintenance

Keep your marble shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

We do the Job Hassle-free Anywhere in Singapore

Marble stains on the floor are common in many homes in Singapore. Eliminating such tough stains is achieved effortlessly through our experts at Clean Worthy.


Why Choose Clean Worthy?

The marble cleaning services process varies according to the surface. Marble demands so much maintenance by seeking professional help from cleaning experts like us as we use non-acidic and highly effective cleaning solutions.

We insist on sealing the marble surface after thoroughly cleaning the stained marble floor. This will eventually make the marble floor stain-resistant for future stains. We promise that all marble stains how deep they maybe are removable but, the time required may be more and, expensive too. Sealing is an economical procedure that is also a preventive measure to restore your marble floor from stain damage.

We charge you reasonably and, provide special offers that would please you. Our team of experts have rich experience in solving all the marble related problems in making your home better.


Avail Follow-up Check Up’s at Clean Worthy

At Clean Worthy, we care for your stained marble floors by putting in the best possible efforts to clean them. If required, we do provide a scheduled maintenance program to inspect and, ensure your marble floors are taken care of properly.


The Best Marble Cleaning Service in Singapore

Our experts work as a pro in removing the tough stains on the marble floor followed, by a deep polishing. Then they do diamond sanding which can be a little expensive method. In some cases, the marble stain may be very negligible but we follow the diamond sanding process throughout the marble surface to maintain uniformity and, deliver high-quality output by masking all the stains on your marble.

Our cleaning services are so professional that it makes your home looks brand new with shining marble floors.


We Provide Live Support

We are available anytime to attend to your queries. You can directly connect with our agents by clicking the chat icon in the Contact us section. There is a live chat session wherein you can connect directly and, get your queries answered in no time.

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Contact us Directly for Marble Cleaning Services in Singapore

All you have to do is call us on our hotline number +65 9194 0123 and, book an appointment by requesting the kind of service you are looking for.

Our agents would schedule an appointment for you and, keep you posted on your mobile number. We make sure all the enquiries are attended within 3 days from the date of booking the service.


We Understand Customers Better

We understand the customers and, value your time. In case, if you are busy but you need to know about our services you can drop us a mail on with your inquiries. We will revert to you at the earliest.

Alternatively, you can fill the contact us form on our website with the asked details. This will consume little of your time but we will make it worth it with a valid response.


Post your Feedbacks on Our Page

We believe in perfection and, a positive review from our customer makes us feel content. Clean Worthy loves to hear from its customers about the quality of services provided by our experts.

Please feel free to drop your valuable feedback on our testimonial page after viewing other testimonials in the same section.


We Accept Urgent Cleaning Services Too

Clean Worthy is a high-rated cleaning service provider in Singapore and, understands its customers so well. We work to fulfill the needs of customers.

In case, you have an emergency and, you want to get your stained marble cleaned on the same day call us on our hotline number. We will restore your marbles in the shortest possible time provided we charge you with an additional surcharge.

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