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We understand how you feel after a long day at work, but then with all the cleaning waiting at home, you heart sinks a little, well maybe a whole lot. Floors to be swept, dishes to be cleaned and put away, dirty laundries to be thrown into the washing machine, clean clothes to be folded and meal preparations for breakfast the next day if you intend to serve more than just toast and milk. It is harder to balance your time when you have kids to put to bed and pets to care after.

CleanWorthy hear you. We are here to provide one stop hassle free professional cleaning solutions for you and your family at a transparent pricing. 


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Home Cleaning

Regardless you are looking for regular house cleaning or professional one time cleaning. CleanWorthy is ready support!

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Upholstery Cleaning

CleanWorthy provides both leather and fabric upholstery cleaning. Don’t forget to clean your sofa regularly. 

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Mattress Cleaning

We spend one third of our life on bed. Keep your mattress clean is crucial to make sure your family and you rest well every night.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and rugs always make our home looks and feel better. But, when is the last time u have it cleaned?

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Aircon Cleaning

Regular Aircon normal cleaning, chemical wash, chemical overhaul, leaking or not cold. We are ready to support!

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Toilet Cleaning

More often than not your normal cleaning cannot clean away the stubborn on your toilet floor and bowl. But we can!

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Floor Scrubbing

Having stain on your balcony floor or need your indoor floor scrubbed? We are the expert on this. Leave it to us.

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Marble Polishing

There are many detergent in the market do more harm than good to your marble. Leave your marble care and polishing to us.

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Granite Polishing

Granite is hard yet porous natural stone. Without proper care and maintenance regularly, restoration can be costly.

Scrub a Dub Clean Clean

We are here with hassle free cleaning solutions, the CleanWorthy Cleaning Services in Singapore. There are a million things that you should be worried about, like how your kids are adapting in school and if the world is ending tomorrow, but we are here to ensure that having a clean house is out of that list. Go for the yoga class that you have always wanted to go or spend the day lazing at home playing board games and leave the dirty job to us.

Now, to keep the house clean, one of the solutions which comes to mind would be full time domestic maid, or even hourly maid cleaning services. But they might not have the knowledge and tools to handle different kind of stains or any tough situations. Our cleaning crews on the other hand, on an twice a week and weekly regular basis are well trained so no training is needed, unless there are special requirements or specific methods in cleaning certain areas of your house, then please, let them know.

Definitely value for money. For regular house cleaning like twice a week and weekly, cleaning crews also give you the privacy you need and save trouble. Detergents we use for professional house cleaning are also guaranteed nontoxic, safe for toddlers and old people. With the right technique and cleaning solutions, CleanWorthy cleaning crews will make sure that your house is clean until it sparkles in no time. Just shifted into a house without any cleaning tools? No worries, if you book for our professional house cleaning, our cleaning crews will arrive well equipped. From the toilet to the bedroom, our cleaning crews are here to make sure they scrub down all possible removable dirt before stepping out and bidding goodbye. We will climb the ladder for you to clean the fan and the windows and get our hands dirty to clean the drain for you.

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Customer Reviews

Have both my mattress and upholstery cleaned by CleanWorthy regularly. They are detail and the results of cleaning is amazing. Try them out and you will never disappointed by their good job.


Hired them for my balcony floor scrubbing. It was badly stain by rust stands and terracotta pots. After their good job, it is just like new now. I am seriously amazed by the results that manage to acheive.


I am CleanWorthy’s regular customer. I have my aircon regular service by them and upholstery and mattress as well. They are very punctual and booking is as easy as 123 with their transparent pricing and booking system.


I rent out my unit and my marble toilet floor and walls are serious etched by tenants. Luckily CleanWorthy manage to help me restore the floor and wall. Really thankful and appreciate the great work done by the crews.


Frequent Ask Questions

Smooth Cleaning Experience Guide

What is the Preparation Before Cleaning Services?

  • Ensure that there are electricity and water supply.
  • Ensure that there are representatives present to unlock the door and supervise the cleaning crews while they perform the cleaning. Because we do not provide training in climbing over fences or picking locks.

Is it Possible to Leave My House Key for the Crews?

  • We highly advise for representatives to be present in the house or nearby the house when our cleaning crews are around simply to avoid any unwanted misunderstanding. Let’s all end on a good note.
  • You may also want to have someone to verify job quality before our cleaning crew leave your premises to ensure satisfaction.

Can I Reschedule or Cancel a Booking?

  • Cancellation or rescheduling less than 48 hours from the scheduled time, a charge of $50 or 30% of the job value, whichever higher will be applied. But of course, we hope this will never happen.

How do we book?

  • You can book majority of our services online on our website. To find out more, we are also easily reachable by messenger and by email.

You Book, We Clean

Our cleaning services are charged on job basis, and you can also book us in advanced for weekly cleaning services to confirm a place during the weekends or whichever time suitable. Our cleaning crews are always on the move, therefore it is always better to book in advanced to avoid doing everything yourself at the end of the day.

Be it post tenancy cleaning, post renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, weekly cleaning or mother-in-law-coming kind of cleaning, we have got you covered. You may book our service online or message us with button below to find out more. Our services are nothing but the best. Also check out our other cleaning services such as sofa cleaning, floor cleaning, marble cleaning and even painting services.

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