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Sandstone Vanity Top: The Elegance of Bathroom Space:

With time, trends change, taste change, styles change. One thing that has remained in style is the marble vanity tops. One of the main attractions that are still very much in demand are the marble vanity tops, specifically sandstone vanity tops. Vanity tops are designed in simple words as a table with a sink hole. Its spacious enough to keep daily use bathroom products, which may include shaving kits, dental hygiene products as well as facial and hair care products.

Sandstone vanity tops are exquisite and gives the washroom a very tidy and stylish look. However, the designs may vary, but the durability of the marble makes it strong to withhold weight, which increases the demand. Nowadays, as people get their homes designed, sandstone vanity tops are increasingly in demand as sandstone provides a grand look and satisfies the user. Most commonly used marbles are sandstone, limestone and granite.

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Sandstone Floor Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, sandstone floor polishing will be needed!

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Sandstone Countertop Polish

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks on countertop.

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Sandstone Wall Polishing

Keep your sandstone wall shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Sandstone Vanity Top Care & Maintenance:

Even though sandstone marble vanity tops give an exquisite look to the bathroom, maintaining the condition of the marble is a tough job. It is easy to fit in the marble and attach the vanity, however it is very difficult to maintain its condition if used for a long time or not cared for. With extensive daily use, its condition starts to deteriorate due to the sandstone marble being soft nature. If healthcare products, or shampoo is spilled on the marble, it may also lose colour and leave stains which ruins the beauty of the marble and is hard to clean.

Much like the marble floor, owners tend to clean their sandstone vanity tops themselves by putting detergent and other cleaning fluids. This ends up leaving scratch marks which ruin the look and become next to impossible when it comes to clear surface. Hence, it is advised that professional services should be acquired. This is where we CleanWorthy step in, providing 5-star marble polishing services to all its valued customers.


Sandstone Vanity Top Professional Polishing Services In Singapore:

Cleaning and polishing process of the sandstone or any other marble vanity top requires a restoration process.This may seem easy, however, it requires professional expertise through which scratching the marble during the polish process is avoided. The experts at CleanWorthy Singapore uses tools which are specifically designed to perform this task. The cleaning materials used are as per standards, with a team of experienced individuals carrying out marble polishing and floor cleaning job.

Their expertise makes sure that any material which may cause damage to the sandstone marble would not be used at all. The cleaning fluid with a low pH is prone to damage the outer layer of the marble.Soon after, the professionals apply a liquid coating of sealant which then helps to further preserve the retained condition.

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Contact Us For Sandstone Vanity Top Polishing & Maintenance:

If you are unhappy with the current state of your sandstone vanity top and are looking for a service of your product, give us a call on our hotline. We have the most professional technicians in Singapore with experience of over a decade. Our certified marble polishing technicians keep everything transparent to avoid any misunderstanding. We at CleanWorthy care for our clients like we are working on our personal products. Our customer service provides special discount to repeat customers.

You can log on to our website at and book an appointment three days prior. Exceptional cases of urgent service will be made available based on extra charges. You can even email us at for further inquiry.

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