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Maintaining a clean, safe and hygiene environment is as important as proving quality education to the students.It is highly challenging for the school administrators to look after several cleaning activities on their own or by hiring a permanent resource that is very costly.

As a fact, schools in Singapore have high emphasis on maintaining high standards at school relating to all aspects that help students progress in their studies. In order to take good care of the school and help the management get outstanding services in their budget, CleanWorthy is just a click away to provide exceptional cleaning services for schools in Singapore.

We are the most renowned and professional cleaning services in Singapore with more than a decade of experience in serving thousands of happy customers. We have a dedicated team who are certified and skillful in handling a variety of cleaning requirements in domestic cleaning, office cleaning, apartment cleaning, school cleaning, retail cleaning, kitchen cleaning and many more at reasonable price and great satisfaction.

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Cleanworthy keep your retail shop clean. You keep your customer happy!

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Keep your office clean, keep your staff healthy.

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Keep your office and store front glass clean, it is your image.

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Commercial Hood Cleaning

Clean your kitchen hood regularly! Customer will enjoy your food with peace of mind.

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Comply with NEA restaurant cleanliness. Message us now!

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Focus on your core business. Leave your cleaning work to CleanWorthy!

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School is a place where students spend a lot of time and it is of utmost importance for the management to provide all facilities and needs that promotes a great learning environment, safety and health. We have the state-of-the-art machinery and cleaning equipment that can serve all the cleaning requirements and tough tasks that wouldn’t be possible by normal cleaning methods. You need professional like us who are experienced, skillful, knowledgeable and addressed a variety of cleaning challenges.

Cleanworthy is a popular cleaning services company that understands the cleaning requirements of the schools and provides unique cleaning solutions related to sanitation, garden management, repairs, scrap removal, lavatory cleaning, dusting, cobwebs removal, walkway sweeping, classrooms desk cleaning, painting, before and after school cleaning, staff room cleaning, floor washing, scrubbing, carpet vacuuming, locker cleaning, and many more.


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As an administrator of a school your expectation would be high in maintaining the school premises clean and tidy, but due to frequent use of facilities by students at school it demands a workforce to regularly monitor the facilities and clean accordingly. Students may litter the space after lunch or throw waste papers in the classroom after the class or spill liquids or leave food on the tables etc. trees may shed more leaves every day, urinals may stick due to frequent usage, benches get disorganized, lab cleaning, library dusting, indoor and outdoor cleaning, disinfection, windows and door cleaning, glass wiping and cleaning, parking area cleaning, cafeteria cleaning, and many more are taken care and maintained in a systematic manner that guarantees high quality and satisfaction.


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Cleaning is an essential activity that goes hand in hand with any kind of physical setup and business and it requires close attention to create best impressions in the minds of people and have your business run successfully. In order to retain customers, create best environment, upkeep your office, home and school’s appearance, you need professional cleaning workforce that can work on domestic cleaning, curtain cleaning, spring cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, mold cleaning, upholstery cleaning-leather and fabric sofa cleaning, kitchen cleaning, disinfection and sanitation, residential toilet cleaning, marble polishing, wall and ceiling painting, end tenancy cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, event cleanup, post-renovation cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, waste disposal, windows and doors cleaning, dusting, and customized cleaning requirements.

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Wait no more to grab our cleaning services that are just a click away. You can reach us on our hotline +6591940123 for all your urgent cleaning services subject to surcharges and availability. Logon to www.cleanworthy.comand explore more services that suit your requirements. We are best in providing cleaning services with right equipment that saves your cost and time, experts advice, transparent and best prices, etc. Book online for all your cleaning requirements and schedule our retail cleaning services at your convenience i.e. daily, weekly or fortnight and experience awesome cleaning services.

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