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Why you should sort the services of CleanWorthy for your roof cleaning?

A clean home is a very crucial aspect of keeping yourself and your family healthy. Most people only care about the cleaning of their house, but they pay no attention to their roofs. A high-quality roof is the basic of your foundation and needs regular cleaning. Particularly, if you are staying near a tree or a place with high humidity, your roof is subject to get fungus than any other area.

A fungus infected roof looks very unattractive and disgusting at the same time as well. Also, a fungus-infected roof may eventually weaken the basis of your roofing structure and can prove dangerous with time. Also, the presence of the fungus can be very harmful to children and elders at the same time.

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Regular Cleaning Services

Clean your house regularly. Keep you and your family healthy!

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Spring Cleaning Services

Spring clean your house time to time, CleanWorthy is here to support.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Completed your tenancy and need a cleaning before handover? Message us.

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Post Renovation Cleaning Services

After renovation and want a through cleaning before move in? Call us now.

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Barbecue Cleaning Services

Enjoying the barbecue. Leave your cleaning to CleanWorthy.

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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

Keep kitchen hood at home clean. A healthier family!

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Oven Cleaning Services

You take care the baking. CleanWorthy take care the cleaning.

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Toilet Cleaning Services

Dirty grout, floor and rust stain is common in house toilet. Call CleanWorthy!

Our cleaning services in Singapore are outstanding

CleanWorthy offers exceptional roof cleaning services in Singapore. We provide skilled and trained professionals for all your cleaning requirements that will make your home or apartment sanitized as new. Our professional cleaners carry the necessary equipment for the task and will arrive according to your time margins.


Why clean your roof? Health

For those of us not aware, that green/black tinge that appears on your roof and those round motley circles’ are forms of mold and lichen moss. Periodically millions of microscopic spores are released from this mold & moss. Sometimes the only sign of a problem is the persistent ill-health of the occupants of the building, such as headaches, nausea, respiratory symptoms, etc. It is now common knowledge that moldy buildings can present a serious health risk to occupants — a leading cause of asthma. And here, most of us are living under a perfect mold farm.


Captured Water Quality

The quality of your captured rainwater depends significantly on the cleanliness of your roof. So does the cleanliness of your water tank. When the captured water is not clean, it reduces the life of your pumps and filters and requires the tank to be cleaned out more regularly. Not to mention spraying your garden with all the mold spores that are trapped in the water because once the water dries up, the mold spores become air born once again.



When you look at your house, one of the main encompassing features is your roof, the condition & cleanliness of your roof says a lot about the condition & cleanliness of your house, and you might be used to the look of it and not take any notice. Still, when other people look at our house, these things are apparent.


We offer professional services at affordable rates

At CleanWorthy, we offer you roof cleaning services at an affordable price. Services include the cleaning of the roofs from any possible organic growth like lichens, moss, etc., so that the roof may be free from fungus, which may cause perishing of roofs. Our experts are highly experienced. They use the latest and modern trends for roof restoration, super techniques, and advise the best products for the new look and appropriate maintenance of your dream house.

CleanWorthy roof cleaning services are the best in the industry and are available with one solution for all your worries and needs related to roof cleaning of your house in a timely and prompt way.

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We are a call away!

Whenever you need professional roof cleaning services in Singapore, you should contact us, and you won’t regret our services. You can call us on the phone or email us on Our customer care service will respond immediately to all your issues.

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