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Marbles are a classic addition to bathrooms of any home in Singapore due to their sleek design and elegant look. But they do have their drawbacks as well. Apart from being slippery, they are porous that makes it prone to stains and, spills which may ruin the beauty of the bathroom.

The dirt can be caused by a shampoo drop, soap lather, bath gel, or even water splashing on the marble tiles which worsen with time if not addressed immediately. It can be disheartening to see your glistening bathroom floor filled with stains and faded colours.

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Marble Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, marble polishing will be needed!

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Marble Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Marble Maintenance

Keep your marble shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

We are Here to Fix Your Marble Bathroom Flooring Problems

CleanWorthy is the best marble service provider in Singapore to clean your bathroom floors and, make them look shiny.

To fix those tough stains on the bathroom floor of your home, call us today and, get help from our experts.  We clean your bathroom marble floor prudently without causing any damage to the marble surface. We use natural cleaning solutions to remove tough stains and spills to restore the original beauty of the marble tiles.

We also offer replacement services for your bathroom marble floor but, it demands more money and time.  We offer both home-based and, commercial bathroom floor cleaning services at best rates.


We are The Best in Shining Armour

At CleanWorthy, our experts understand the importance of personal hygiene and, none of us would like to use a bathroom that has damaged marble tiles or untidy appearance. We put an end to this with our team of experts in cleaning the marble floor by making it return to its squeaky-clean look with our timely service.

Our team of technicians have a decade of experience in cleaning the marble floor by removing the tough stains without causing any damage to your bathroom marble floor.

Clean Worthy believes in providing the best of the services to the clients. That is why we use good products for cleaning and, polishing the bathroom marble floors. This is because we want to be in the good books of our customer and, maintain high standards in our deliveries. Your satisfaction means everything to us in establishing ourselves as the best cleaning experts in Singapore.


We Value Your Money

Some of the marble cleaning experts in Singapore impose a high price on the clients which may not be convincing for many. In such cases, people drop off their services and, fail to give the required attention their marble floors need at the moment.

Clean Worthy is the best company in Singapore to satisfy your home-related marble cleaning needs at a reasonable price. So, you need not think about postponing the cleaning and, maintenance that your bathroom marble floor needs.

We serve you fairly by making justice to the money charged from you. You can genuinely feel this after availing our service at your doorstep. However, we make sure all the appointments are taken care within 3 days from the date of registering a complaint.


Don’t delay to Reach Us Anymore

We offer timely services throughout Singapore no matter which corner you may be residing. Do not procrastinate the cleaning of your bathroom floors anymore.

Contact us at our hotline number +65 9194 0123 to quickly book an appointment. We provide first come first serve service and, the enquiries keep on coming back to back.

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We do Urgent Cleaning Services Too

We understand emergencies of the customer and, accept urgent cleaning services to help our customers. Only thing is that we charge them with an additional surcharge.


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