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The Magnificence of Marble Table

Limestone is a popular choice when opting for a marble table. The beauty of Limestone as a marble is hard to ignore and you can never go wrong with it. It is formed in a way that it can show you patterns resembling from valleys, rivers to even representing galaxies in the form of a flat stone. Marble such as granite and limestone are used in the building material which is formed over hundreds of years through atmospheric pressure and other factors.

As it takes years to form and treated in a way to beautify the architecture, it takes great care to keep the limestone stone in its original form. Marble is expensive and can be out of budget when opting it for flooring, but you can always choose to have a marble table which will equally reflect on your architecture. You can consider the limestone marble table as an investment rather than an expense. It lasts decades without any issues to its texture and will always be in trend.

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Limestone Floor Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, limestone floor polishing will be needed!

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Limestone Countertop Polish

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks on countertop.

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Limestone Wall Polishing

Keep your limestone wall shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Limestone Table Care

As a marble such as limestone and granite are considered retro and can blend with any design and architecture, it has always made a firm space in the environment. Though, limestone marble is a porous material and can be subjected to stains and damaging. It requires care but in case it is losing its original form, treatments such as polishing and buffing are carried out to bring its original beauty.

The owners of marble tables such as limestone based are only asked for two thing to consider, no acid based material to clean and never to leave it with wet stains. Limestone is a soft material and can get damaged very easily and its porous nature lets wet stains to form. Though, this is a common problem and often people leave it on its will as it may sound hectic to figure out its solution.


Limestone Table Polishing Professionals In Singapore

CleanWorthy Singapore comes in handy with their expertise in this tricky job. The floor technicians at CleanWorthy are experienced in their services and certified in understanding the clients need. 

Our technicians use the right tools and solutions that are needed with the type of marble table you have. They use different sized grits to smooth out the surface off any scratches and edged out corners. Further they use the finest tools to buff and give a shine to the surface of your marble table. In order to give a final touch, our technicians will provide a sealant coat as a protection and then a shine coat for its radiance.  

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We Are Here To Help

Marbles such as limestone table polishing may sound like an easy job but it is hectic. It requires special skills and can be time consuming; basically it is not for everyone. If you are facing troubles with stains or damaged marble table, then let us help you out in retaining the original beauty of your limestone marble table.

Our technicians at CleanWorthy Singapore are certified and highly professional in dealing with clients while providing the optimum services. With experience of over a decade, we at CleanWorthy, we focus on satisfying our clients with the transparency in services and pricing tier. You can book an appointment through our online portal without any hassle or call us at +65 9194 0123 for further inquiry.

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