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A marble floor is an attractive enhancement to any home bedue to the beauty of these natural stones. There are two types of marble based on colour- white and green marble and, can be chosen based on your preference. Marbles are a great preference in many homes in Singapore due to the cost-effectiveness and user-friendly nature.

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Marble Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, marble polishing will be needed!

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Marble Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Marble Maintenance

Keep your marble shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Restore Your Marble Floor at Clean Worthy Singapore

Marble floors require more cleaning as the surface is sensitive to stains and damage easily due to their delicate nature. If not given proper care, your marble floors may be at the verge of permanent damage. Don’t worry anymore as our experts at Clean Worthy are here to restore your marble floors with our impeccable and timely service.

We save any further damage and, protect your marble floors by saving your money. We eliminate tough stains like juice or tea spills which are very difficult to remove by you. Our restoration service is detailed that helps in achieving the lost shimmer on your marble floor.


Get Your Marble Restoration Done Professionally Via Clean Worthy

Are you worried about cleaning your marble floors that have lost their glow? Then let our experts resolve your marble related cleaning problems by adopting high-quality techniques to bring the beauty back to your marble stones and floors.

At Clean Worthy, we ensure our experts use diamond pads for cleaning the marble surface and, level it uniformly by using finer grade pads to deliver that lost shine in your marbles.

We promise you that all our services be it either marble polishing or cleaning or floor restoration will be done professionally.


Why Choose Clean Worthy in Singapore?

Our standards are set high and, we make it a point to follow the same set of procedures and regulations for any cleaning operation we perform. Quality control is a part of Clean Worthy service and, we have designated supervisors for that to monitor the work done by our cleaning experts to make sure that our standards have been met in the marble restoration work.

Integrity is of high regard at Clean Worthy and, we take great pride in what we do because we do it with so much passion. Our Customer service is also very friendly that pleases them and, makes them recommend our name to others.


We Value Customer Satisfaction

Customers are our assets and, we work to satisfy them with our unmatching cleaning and marble related services. In achieving this, we closely connect with our customers by taking the time to listen to them and meeting their needs.

Our business is based on reliable customers and, we would never like to take them for granted. We value every client for the opportunity they give us to show you our cleaning expertise. We earn your confidence and honour by making our cleaning and restoration service worthy for you.

We thoroughly understand those good customers are essential in promoting our business.

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Connect with Us for Marble Services in Singapore

We may not be the most sought-after marble service experts in Singapore, but we do the best by making justice for the money we charge you.

All you have to do is just a single call on our hotline number +65 9194 0123 and we will be there.


Get Instant Support with Our Support team

Our Customer support team is available round the clock to hear your complaints and assist you better. You can even mail them with your queries or concerns at

All you have to do is log in to our website and, click on the contact us form. Fill in the form with your contact number, address, and enquiry details. The instant our customer support desk gets a notification on this they will make a call on your given number and, arrange a service appointment for you.


We do accept Urgent Services too

We understand our customers better. In case, you have an urgent family function or an event planned and, you suddenly suffer a marble spill or strain you can contact Clean Worthy.

We will attend you in case of urgent restoration services and, fix them at the shortest possible time. In such cases, we may charge an additional surcharge for this.

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