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When we walk into the room, the first thing that we notice is the floor. The setting of the floor is very important, as it sets a tone for the owner’s persona. Floors are usually made using a variety of materials such as onyx, marble, wood, granite or tiles. Every person has his choice of elegance based on which he chooses for the most appropriate option available in the market with a clear intention to make the room something to talk about.

Heavy set marble is available on the market, it can be glossy as well as matte and gives a very exquisite look to the place when selected well. These days, tiles are the most happening flooring ideas in the market. Available in aplenty of designs, the onyx floors are quite exquisite and also pocket-friendly. However, maintenance is a big issue to deal with it just like any other  item we use in our daily life. The Onyx tiles own a soft surface which is very prone to staining and scratches. Proper handling and polishing by experienced professionals is required to deal with such effects and prevent permanent damage of the flooring.

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Onyx Floor Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, onyx floor polishing will be needed!

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Onyx Countertop Polish

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks on countertop.

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Onyx Wall Polishing

Keep your onyx wall shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Professional hands to provide top notch floor restoration service

There are a number of cleaning and restoration services providing companies like Clean worthy who work with a clear aim to provide best quality polishing and servicing of the onyx floors in Singapore. These professionals are well trained to clean any visible debris off the tile and make sure not to scratch the tile while doing so. In some cases, they make use of light brush or the lint cloth for removing the dust or debris which has got accumulated on the surface.

As per the experts from CleanWorthy, mild cleaning liquids can be a great substitute to tedious cleaning process after which the polishing and restoration of the Onyx floor tile can be done in an easy way. However, it should be kept in mind that usage of harsh chemicals should be avoided. It is because it may etch the surface and damage it. Moist mop can also be  used on the tile surface but you need to ensure that residual water is mopped up cause it may cause water stains.


Onyx Floor cleaned and polished under expert supervision

A mix of soft special chemicals may be used to clean stains well off the surface, clean lint mop is to be soaked in special mixture and thoroughly rubbed on the target surface. The chemical mixture should have constituents that are Onyx floor tile friendly. Rub the solution well on the target surface and then wipe it off clean using a cotton cloth. Make sure the solution does not stay at target for longer than three minutes and also that cloth isn’t rubbed too hard against the surface.

So, thus saying it is imperative to take care of the surface debris on the Onyx floor tile. Polishing should be done carefully but at regular intervals, not too frequently but at set time. Over the period systemic polishing increases luster and shine of the surface. Polishing Onyx floor tiles are tricky but with practice and professional assistance, it just does the trick.

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Seek best quality cleaning and restoration service in Singapore

CleanWorthy looks forward to provide you easy and satisfactory polishing and restoration services for your walls, floors and countertops made out of stones  like marble, Oynx or granite. Our team of professionals is highly experienced in this field, assisting you to get positive results out of their service. You can easily book for their service over a few clicks in few seconds and avail amazing deals on their service.

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