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Aircon Ledge Cleaning – A Challenging Task

As the term “aircon ledge” suggest, this refers to a small protruded area designed to secure the air conditioner compressor. In Singapore, these can often be found in highrise building or at the backyard of various shophouses. While the aircon ledge serves it’s purpose well, it has also notoriously served as a breeding ground for birds, especially the Pigeons. Do not be surprised that as you take a closer look at the aircon ledge, it could also be a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and algae! 

Furthermore, these unhygienic and full of algae conditions are surrounding and accumulating around your aircon compressor all day long. “Will the algae extend it’s growth into my aircon compressor thus affecting the machine’s lifespan? Will I end up spending more on aircon compressor servicing with such horrible aircon ledge conditions? Will the bird poop spread germs and how does that has a long term effect on my health?” These are questions that some are too shy to ask. However, they are valid concerns. If any one of the above issue has run through your mind before and you are facing difficulties in accessing the aircon ledge, leave the task to CleanWorthy.

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Aircon Ledge Cleaning Service: Prepare – Process – Prevent

From preparation to the aircon ledge cleaning and prevention process, our team is ready to work hand in hand with our customers. With many years of experience in cleaning the aircon ledge, our customers can leave it to our professionals to determine the suitable cleaning method, whether it is for a Condo, HDB or a landed property’s aircon ledge structure.

Whilst our team is convicted to get rid of the hazardous situation for our customers, we take maximum effort in minimizing the impact to your neighbours, especially those located directly below your apartment. You can depend on our crew to improvise and work out a solution that caters best to your unique situation, thereby providing constructive suggestions to avoid recurring instances that you will be smacked with a filthy aircon ledge full of bird droppings!


Let Our Impressive Aircon Ledge Cleaning Results Speak for Itself

CleanWorthy hoped that our aircon ledge cleaning results will leave an impression on you! Please take a tour at our aircon ledge cleaning “Before & After” photo album below. Achieve similar results at a reasonable price with our experience cleaning team.

Aircon Ledge Cleaning Results That Your Can Trust

Impressive Results with Reasonable Pricing

At CleanWorthy, we believe that good service need not be overpriced! Engage CleanWorthy’s aircon ledge cleaning service and you will find it worth the price.

Aircon Ledge Cleaning Price

Type of Aircon LedgeRetail Price
HDB Aircon Ledge Cleaning $ 188.00
Condo Aircon Ledge Cleaning $ 188.00
Commercial Aircon Ledge CleaningRequest Quote

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Questions About Aircon Ledge Cleaning that You May Have

Any preparation that has to be done before the service date for aircon ledge cleaning?

As accessibility to the aircon ledge is an issue faced by many clients, kindly get ready a photo that shows an overview of your aircon ledge for our customer service to advise from there.

How do I prevent birds or pigeon to build nest on my aircon ledge again?

On the day of aircon ledge cleaning, our experience crew will suggest preventive steps that can be taken to prevent birds from nesting on your aircon ledge again. If you would like us to support you on the preventive measures, feel free to discuss with our friendly crew on the service day itself.

Call CleanWorthy, Say No To Piled Up Bird Droppings!

As the bird droppings and dirt piled up at the aircon ledge, it is inevitable that it will become a breeding ground for pest and germs. If there are vulnerable at home, be it the elderly or a new born, it is encouraged to be extra cautious and guarded against any possible infection for your loved ones.

Finally, getting your aircon ledge cleaned not only makes it pleasant for the eyes, it also sparks joy! Contact us early to start scheduling a session with CleanWorthy!

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