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Maintenance & Cleaning of Marble

Marbles are a sophisticated addition as they add colour to your home. Marbles are delicate and require high maintenance in a place like Singapore. In spite of putting so much hard work to take care of your marble flooring, it goes messy and the marbles don’t get the shine you desire.

This is when you need the help of cleaning experts like us for better marble polishing. Clean Worthy is a professional marble polishing expert in Singapore to cater to your marble and flooring needs by cleaning and polishing the marble to give it a radiant look. We reduce your burden and mental stress for maintaining your marble flooring or tiles.

At CleanWorthy, you can be sure about receiving the right marble polishing treatment without compromising on the quality.

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Marble Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, marble polishing will be needed!

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Marble Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Marble Maintenance

Keep your marble shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Cleaning Process at CleanWorthy Singapore

We thoroughly understand the requirements of your marble service and, live up to your expectations with our well-defined marble polishing strategy.

As an initial step, we remove the dirt or tough stains or wax in the marble floor using our buffer machines. These machines readily come with buffing pads that help in uninterrupted operation.

Next, we get into marble polishing which is a critical step to enhance the look of your marble or tiles. For this purpose, our marble polishing experts spray compound powder uniformly on the marble surface and, wait for some time for it to absorb completely. Then cleaning of the marble floor is done twice with water and mops.  There is a pause time for the marble floor to dry completely after this.

In the meantime, our marble polishing experts ensure that the machines are moisture and, dirt-free for hassle-free operation and, make sure a new buffer pad is inserted into the machine. Next, a few amounts of polish are spread over the floor in side-to-side motion and buffing is carried out until the floor becomes dry.  We ensure we split the marble flooring sections by 4 and, work on 4 marbles at a time to achieve the desired shine on the floor.

We work with passion and dedication that you would see the results of your marble floor spontaneously. In short, we never pause our cleaning service until we visually see the original shine on the marble floor.


Connect With us for Quality Cleaning Services in Singapore

There are temporary solutions available to fix your marble problems at home. This can be done with the help of surface cleaners at home, but it doesn’t give you a great result.

For a permanent solution, get in touch with our expert team to help us serve you better.

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Book Your A Polishing Service Easily with Us

Contact us on our hotline number +65 9194 0123 to attend your enquiry and address your issues at the earliest. Alternatively, you can log in to our website and, report your problems via chat options where our customer desk team is available round the clock to assist you.


We Serve You Anywhere in Singapore

Clean Worthy cleaning experts are available to serve you in any corner of Singapore. All you have to do is log in to and leave us a message along with your mobile number.

Our customer support team will get back to you regarding the technician name and the timings of service based on the availability.

We value our customers and, ready to help you in case of urgent cleaning and marble polishing services too. This will require an additional surcharge as we need to arrange temporary experts for this purpose. We do this as a gesture to help our customers at times of difficulties.


We have a Prompt Marble Polishing Service Timeline

CleanWorthy promises to resolve all your marble and floor cleaning problems as soon as possible. Our team of professionals help you in achieving a great marble flooring and, you cannot thank them enough for their flawless cleaning service.

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