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Maintain The Beauty Of Your Granite Countertop At Home With Regular Cleaning

Granite has always been an all-time favorite and most widely accepted choice as countertops due to its exquisite look and easy maintenance options. Well, indeed, granite countertops do not require you to spend too much on its maintenance and is quite durable. However, just like any other natural stone surface, granite requires a regular cleaning and refurbishment for ensuring its durability, strength, and shine.

As per the professionals and experts working actively in the field of Granite Countertop Cleaning in Singapore, taking care of granite countertops is quite easy compared to other natural stones. This one of the prime reasons why granite is so widely used at home. On average, the granite cleaning services are required at a fixed interval of five to seven years while restoration calls are usually for the granite countertops which are ten to fifteen years old.

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Granite Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, granite polishing will be needed!

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Granite Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Granite Maintenance

Keep your granite shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Daily Maintenance for a durable and reliable life of your Granite Countertops

From this explanation, it is pretty clear that granite surfaces require very little effort and maintenance. Once the granite surface starts becoming dull near the sink area or the prime working spaces of the countertop, you can seek professional assistance. The experienced professionals would help you with the necessary cleaning and restoration to increase the durability and life of your granite countertop.

Experts say that if you are having a granite counter installed in your kitchen or bathroom space, you need to run a brief routine clean up daily using some mild and neutral cleaner. It is advised to avoid the use of harsh soaps because it affects the smooth surface of granite turning it uneven. However, there is an important thing which you need to lay your focus on. While selecting cleaners, it is advised to go through the labels carefully. Most of the brands manufacture soft cleaners for natural stone surfaces.

These natural cleaners do not leave back any residue on the surface, this, keeping your granite countertop all clean, shiny and perfect. Apart from regular cleaning, it is recommended to follow a few simple preventative measures to protect the granite countertop in the long run. Use of cutting boards, cooling tracks, etc., are a few of them. Wiping the surface clean using a soft clean cloth in case of spills or accumulation of moisture is also advised.


Annual Maintenance for deep cleaning the countertop and retaining its elegance and beauty

As per the professional cleaners in Singapore, your granite countertop should undergo a deep cleaning session at a fixed interval to clear off the accumulated dirt and debris. If required, you can even get your granite countertop resealed. It is because, both in the kitchen and bathroom, water is used regularly which makes these countries exposed to it. Resealing the granite surface acts as a penetrating sealer that provides resistance against water, oil and even grease.

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Expert Cleaning Service at your doorstep for a beautiful and shiny Kitchen

CleanWorthy aims at providing top-quality cleaning and maintenance services to its clients at a cheap and affordable cost. Our team of highly qualified and trained professionals own a great experience in this field which marks them as the perfect choice for easy and hassle-free countertop cleaning and maintenance service. You can easily avail our services by booking our professionals online in Singapore according to your busy schedule.

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