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Limestone Vanity Top As A Trend

Limestone vanity top is a priority for most people to give a strong look to their bathrooms. Bathrooms are where we carry out our daily essentials before starting the day and a perfectly maintained vanity top proves itself. Vanity top carries all the essentials including facial care, dental care and even the shaving items. As the bearer of these items, vanity top is considered an essential part of the bathroom.

Vanity top can be designed from different items but choosing a marble to decorate it, makes it an aesthetic marvel and its durability. Some people prefer to have a vanity top made with marble while matching it up with marble floor. Common types of marble that are used are limestone and granite.

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Limestone Floor Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, limestone floor polishing will be needed!

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Limestone Countertop Polish

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks on countertop.

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Limestone Wall Polishing

Keep your limestone wall shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Limestone Vanity Top Maintenance

Though, it is easy and hassle free to design and install marble flooring and vanity, its maintenance can be troublesome. It is impossible to have the original beauty and look once it is being used for a longer time period. With time, there are chances that the marble floor and vanity top will be subjected to scratches due the soft nature of limestone. They are even prone to stains and discoloration that may seem impossible to clean.

Without any professional help, people often damage their marble vanity top and marble floors. Scrubbing the marble can cause scratch marks that may seem impossible to get rid; ending up losing its beauty and becoming an eyesore. Using acidic based material even vinegar can further damage the look of marble. This is why seeking help from a professional such as CleanWorthy Singapore is encouraged.  


Limestone Vanity Top Polishing Professionals

Limestone vanity top polishing is a process that is needed to be done with the help of professionals from CleanWorthy Singapore. Marble is a tricky material which requires great in handling to bring its original beauty and aesthetics back. During the cleaning process, the certified technicians use special tools such different sized grits to smooth out the surface until the original form is attained.

Any solution with low pH value can damage the surface of the marble and shall be subjected to a bad looking vanity top. Once the grits are used and buffing is done, a special coat of sealant is used to keep the porous nature of limestone marble free from any liquid stains in the future. Anyone can do these steps by means of some guidance but the technique required is important and this is where CleanWorthy comes in. 


Trust Our Judgement To Maintain Your Limestone Vanity Top

Limestone vanity top polishing requires special technique and knowledge with experience from certified professionals like CleanWorthy Singapore. We are experienced enough to know the kind of job your marble floor or the vanity top requires to bring its original shine. Not only we are utilizing the best and high grade cleaning tools and agents, we also provide care manual and instructions.

Even with our vast experience we still prefer to test our cleaning agents to be sure of the results we will be getting. We prefer to keep everything transparent before starting the job so that you, our client, are satisfied with everything. 

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Limestone Vanity Top Polishing Service In Singapore

If you are unsure of the cleaning process of your limestone vanity top but needing a service to refurbish its look you may contact us at your earliest. You can call us on our hotline or book an appointment through the website. We even accept appointments on urgent timeline based on our availability and extra charges anywhere in Singapore.

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