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Condos are the most common living spaces in Singapore that have separate owners for each individual unit. Unlike apartments condos are managed by the respective owners who generally take care of the maintenance and look after all provisions required. Most often, you see the condos are located on the main streets interconnects major busy roads. The frequent movement of vehicles create lot of pollution and the dust particles and pollutants flow in the air widespread causing critical health problems. This requires frequent cleaning and washing your condo to ensure a clean and safe environment.

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Regular Cleaning Services

Clean your house regularly. Keep you and your family healthy!

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Spring Cleaning Services

Spring clean your house time to time, CleanWorthy is here to support.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Completed your tenancy and need a cleaning before handover? Message us.

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Post Renovation Cleaning Services

After renovation and want a through cleaning before move in? Call us now.

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Barbecue Cleaning Services

Enjoying the barbecue. Leave your cleaning to CleanWorthy.

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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

Keep kitchen hood at home clean. A healthier family!

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Oven Cleaning Services

You take care the baking. CleanWorthy take care the cleaning.

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Toilet Cleaning Services

Dirty grout, floor and rust stain is common in house toilet. Call CleanWorthy!

Professional Condominium Cleaning Services

Looking after several cleaning chores on day to day basis becomes challenging and requires right kind of equipment and tools to clean. After a tiresome day, it would be so difficult to attend all the pending cleaning activities and other regular activities. You can’t neglect the cleaning activities as it harms your health over a period. To ensure a healthy and a high-class lifestyle, you need professional cleaning services for your condo cleaning in Singapore.


Contemporary cleaning solutions for a dust-free condo!

CleanWorthy is the most popular cleaning services company in Singapore serving thousands of customers with professional cleaning services for over a decade now. We take pride in serving thousands of happy customers from different businesses like retail stores, shopping malls, schools, restaurants, hospitals, residential houses, apartments, commercial buildings, condos, shops, and many more. We are the best in the industry for our unique and contemporary cleaning solutions.

The major cleaning activities in the condo cleaning include clean the windows and doors, vacuum the floors and carpets, wash the bedsheets and blankets, wash the curtains, scrub the washroom tiles and sanitize toilets, disinfect the lavatory and bathrooms, deep clean the sofas, mattresses and cushions, wash the carpets and rugs, dust the internal space, high-pressure cleaning, kitchen cleaning, refrigerator and oven cleaning, ceiling and fan cleaning, cobwebs removal, glass and furniture cleaning and polishing, wall painting, and many more.


Now choose a customer centric and result oriented cleaning services!

CleanWorthy is a licensed firm with a strong team that is deployed to all the geographical areas of Singapore for a quick service and availability. The team is equipped with the right kind of knowledge and skills to handle all kinds of cleaning activities ranging from small to big.

Our cleaning crew is highly dedicated and punctual in proving the cleaning services on time with quality and satisfaction.We assure your perfect cleaning and safe environment by using effective cleaning agents that are harmless and don’t damage your cleaning items like furniture, tables, wooden chairs, carpets etc.

We have the advanced cleaning equipment and tools that give perfect cleaning and saves lot of time and energy. The core cleaning activities include spring cleaning, domestic cleaning, office cleaning, mattress cleaning, floor scrubbing, curtain cleaning, carpet vacuuming, upholstery leather and fabric sofa cleaning, sanitation, disinfecting, pest control, marble polishing, end tenancy cleaning, mopping, post-renovation cleaning, event cleaning, high pressure jet cleaning, glass windows and doors cleaning, residential toilet cleaning, waste disposal, kitchen cleaning, wall and ceiling painting, bulk disposal, refrigerator and oven cleaning and to name many.



One Time House Cleaning Price

Size of HouseRetail Price
Less Than 800sqft$ 488.00
Less Than 1200sqft$ 588.00
Less Than 1500sqft$ 648.00
Less Than 1700sqft$ 868.00
Less Than 2000sqft$ 908.00
Less Than 2500sqft$ 1188.00

  • Professional One-Time Cleaning: CleanWorthy crews will bring detergent and equipment needed.



Biweekly Regular Cleaning Price

Biweekly Regular CleaningPrice (2 Session)
5 Hours Regular Biweekly Cleaning$ 238.00
6 Hours Regular Biweekly Cleaning$ 308.00
  • Client need to provide detergent and equipment needed.
  • Quote above are based on normal cleanliness level. If extended hour needed due to bad cleanliness, $38/ men-hour applies.

Weekly Regular Cleaning Price

Weekly Regular CleaningPrice (4 Session)
4 Hours Regular Weekly Cleaning$ 423.00
5 Hours Regular Weekly Cleaning$ 523.00
6 Hours Regular Weekly Cleaning$ 623.00

  • Client need to provide detergent and equipment needed.

Twice A Week Cleaning Price

Twice A Week Regular CleaningPrice (8 Session)
4 Hours Regular Twice A Week Cleaning$ 823.00
5 Hours Regular Twice A Week Cleaning$ 1023.00
6 Hours Regular Twice A Week Cleaning$ 1223.00

  • Client need to provide detergent and equipment needed.
  • Quote above are based on normal cleanliness level. If extended hour needed due to bad cleanliness, $38/ men-hour applies.

3 Times A Week Cleaning Price

3 Times A Week Regular CleaningPrice (12 Session)
4 Hours Regular 3 Times A Week Cleaning$ 1223.00
5 Hours Regular 3 Times A Week Cleaning$ 1523.00
6 Hours Regular 3 Times A Week Cleaning$ 1,823.00

  • Client need to provide detergent and equipment needed.
  • Quote above are based on normal cleanliness level. If extended hour needed due to bad cleanliness, $38/ men-hour applies.
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Brightened condos now at great ease and comfort!

Condos cleaning is challenging because of the complexity in the cleaning process. Now shift your burden to our professional cleaning crew who are well-trained and certified to execute all kinds of cleaning activities of condo and provide exceptional cleanliness and hygiene for you and your family members.

Elevate your lifestyle with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene by contacting us on our hotline +65 9194 0123 or logon to for amazing cleaning services at a nominal and transparent price. You can book our services on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on your requirement and enjoy a safe, clean and healthy environment provided by cleanworthy.

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