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Interior painting is more than just slapping on a new coat of the same old color of paint. Painting the rooms of your home is almost like a work of art. The colors you use will determine how you and others will feel while in your home and can bring a feeling of elegance, style, or just fun to a room depending on how you choose and apply your paint colors.

The latest trend in decorating is giving attention to the look of your ceiling. This has been a long forgotten element in a room painted with either white or off white in years past. Today’s modern homes, offices, and businesses use contrasting colored ceilings to bring interest and design into the space. The color you choose for your ceiling can transform the look of your room.

Professionals at CleanWorthy can are the best to save your valuable time and deliver ceiling painting service to you.

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Give Your Ceiling a Different Touch!

When most homes are newly constructed they will have white ceilings. Painting the ceiling a color that compliments the color of the walls and floor will make your rooms more personal. When the ceilings are high and have crown moldings, painting the ceiling a color will set off the beautiful moldings. If you already know what color your walls will be or are, then it is easy to select a color that is coordinated by looking at the paint selector strip at your paint store. You can choose a color for the ceiling that is a couple shades either darker or lighter than the walls. Our expert painters can advise you on the best color for your ceiling considering your wall colors.


Why Paint Your Ceiling?

If you would rather not draw attention to your ceiling for some reason you can use a khaki color to paint the ceiling to make it more intimate and warm than using a stark white. We can make ceilings that are really high to appear closer by using a couple shades darker than the walls and the ceiling that is low can be made to look higher by using a color that is a couple shades lighter than the walls.

Painting your ceiling can also be a true design statement by using patterns or texture along with your coordinated color. Glazes create very interesting looks as well as pearlescent and metal effects. Most of the larger paint stores offer a line of finishes that are unusual and creative. With CleanWorthy, you don’t need to watch online videos that demonstrate how to apply innovative painting techniques. We shall give your ceiling a unique look at an affordable price.

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Open up the space of your room

Color can be used to open up a space making the smaller room have the illusion of being larger. The way to do this is to use a lighter color for the walls and keep the color of the ceiling just a shade warmer than off white. For instance, walls with a wheat color look amazing with a pale yellow ceiling and helps to direct the eyes gently up the walls to the ceiling and then back down.

The room gives the feeling of warmth and lightness while opening up the space. Flat paint is best for this illusion and a paint that is ultra flat will be even better. The light is absorbed instead of bouncing off the ceiling while hiding little problem areas overhead. Contrasting or coordinated colors on the ceiling is an inexpensive way to give style and grace to an otherwise dull room.

With the advancement in technology, so does the one used by CleanWorthy. We implement the use of the latest ideas, machines and products to have an awesome outcome. In many cases, customers have highly appreciated the great work done for them thanks to the technology applied during the ceiling painting process. Clients can contact us online on our website to book our services. You can also call or email us to have all questions related to our services answered by our 24/7 customer care. Try us today!

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