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Restaurants are the most loved places by individuals, families and friends to satisfy their food cravings by a variety of favorite food. Singaporeans are great food lovers and wish to spend quality time with others in the restaurants, it is a place for business discussions, corporate parties, family gathering, etc. In order to retain your customers, the best food alone doesn’t stand a great strategy for your restaurant’s success.

It’s more important to project high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in all aspects relating to customer service and back end activities in the restaurant.

There is high chance for the customers to dropout from the restaurants when the food is of bad quality, environment is not maintained properly, seating arrangement is not comfortable, pests infestation in the dining space, plates and glasses are not clean and hygiene, tables and floor are unclean and looks dusty, and service is not prompt.

Focusing on several aspects and maintaining it is not that easy as said and the restaurant’s owners need professionals to take of these important activities and focus more on the core service to customers.

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Retail Cleaning Services

Cleanworthy keep your retail shop clean. You keep your customer happy!

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Office Cleaning Services

Keep your office clean, keep your staff healthy.

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Glass Cleaning Services

Keep your office and store front glass clean, it is your image.

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Commercial Hood Cleaning

Clean your kitchen hood regularly! Customer will enjoy your food with peace of mind.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Comply with NEA restaurant cleanliness. Message us now!

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Contract Cleaning Services

Focus on your core business. Leave your cleaning work to CleanWorthy!

Reflect your hygiene standards in all aspects of customer service!

We are the leading cleaning services company in Singapore named CleanWorthy, serving thousands of customers in all areas of cleaning.We are experts in providing unique and contemporary cleaning solutions, our team is highly dedicated, punctual and skillful in handling any kind of cleaning requirements. We have the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and tools that help us clean more effectively and save your time and cost.

We have provided exceptional services to several restaurants in and around Singapore and take pride in in creating 100% satisfaction and happiness in our clients.

Restaurants need professionals like us who can organize the way food is served, the tables are cleaned and arranged, ensure the cutlery is clean and neat, the plates are washed and dried properly, tablecloths are stainless, serve customers without any delay, be at service until the customer leaves, manage customers professionally, waste disposal, wash the utensils and plates, clean the carpets, clean the windows and glass doors to create an appealing appearance and high standards of hygiene.


Professional cleaning services to attract more customers and rejuvenate your restaurant!

CleanWorthy is a professional cleaning services company that is licensed and internationally certified firm serving thousands of customers more than a decade. Our core services include maintaining and cleaning restaurants, offices, apartments, schools, retail stores, buildings, and many more.

As a restaurant owner it is very important to choose right professionals who help in increasing your customers and profits. We guarantee customer’s satisfaction by providing best environment to eat and spend great time.

Our team is skillful in handling several cleaning activities like mopping the floor, dusting, wiping glass and windows, cleaning furniture, upholstery cleaning, domestic cleaning, curtain cleaning, spring cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, mold cleaning, kitchen cleaning, disinfection and sanitation, toilet cleaning, marble polishing, wall and ceiling painting, end tenancy cleaning, vacuuming, event cleanup, post-renovation cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, waste disposal, dusting, and customized cleaning requirements.

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Restaurant cleaning is no more a nightmare for the owners. Yes! Wait no more to avail the best cleaning services for your restaurant with just a click on and tailor your cleaning requirements. You can call us on our hotline +65 9194 0123 for all your urgent cleaning services subject to surcharges and availability. We have great options to serve you better, you can opt for daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly services to upkeep your restaurant and create great experience for the customers to visit on every occasion.

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