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Commercial Cleaning, A Luxury?

Many said that a clean office is more to a luxury, but we said that it is a necessity. Can you even imagine that an office which full of dust, grime and microbes sticking around your office’s desk, pantry, appliances, furniture and so on? What comes after these are tonnes of medical chits on desk of management, causing revenue to drop and monthly target unachievable.

A clean office can provide your company with lively environment for your employees and also customers. Practically, commercial cleaning services is vital for you and professionals is needed instead of using your own staff. Honestly speaking, commercial cleaning service may seem to be costly, but a cleaner employee may actually cost you more in an hourly basis than our services. The work done sometimes may also be not as good as ours. In CleanWorthy, we are pleased to provide you a clean office environment.

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Retail Cleaning Services

Cleanworthy keep your retail shop clean. You keep your customer happy!

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Office Cleaning Services

Keep your office clean, keep your staff healthy.

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Glass Cleaning Services

Keep your office and store front glass clean, it is your image.

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Commercial Hood Cleaning

Clean your kitchen hood regularly! Customer will enjoy your food with peace of mind.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Comply with NEA restaurant cleanliness. Message us now!

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Contract Cleaning Services

Focus on your core business. Leave your cleaning work to CleanWorthy!

What Do Commercial Cleaning Brings?

A pleasant and clean office environment that enhance productivity

A clean workplace will increase the comfy of employees in office and hence enhances their productivity. High quality and professional cleaning with disinfection of surfaces all around your office will keep the cleanliness and healthy environment in your office. With services provided, we hope that less people in your company will fall sick and boost up the revenue.  Moreover, clients will be more pleased for a business discussion in an office which is clean and lively.

A clean office also increases office morale

It’s annoying that when office staff need to clean the office instead of what their employed for. We understand that your staffs joined your company because of what there are passionate on their job and about the position offered for them. Leave those hectic commercial cleaning work for us and bring up your employees on what their are passionate about. We will provide a clean and tidy office environment if you are willing to appoint us.

  • Responsive and Responsible Crews 88% 88%
  • Efficiency 92% 92%
  • Punctuality 95% 95%
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Frequent Ask Questions

Reach us for more carpet cleaning enquiries

How many cleaner you can arrange for us?

  • We have a large pool of cleaners that standby all around this nation. In fact, our cleaners are very highly dense designated around Singapore’s central business district. This is main reason why we can service your office punctually.

How experience is your cleaner?

  • We know that quality matters. So, our office cleaning service comprises of cleaners that undergo rigorous training under Singapore’s Work Skill Qualifications framework. We also consistently sent every of our cleaners at least two training courses every year.

Clean office, just one call.

Decorate your workplace with best shape. Join our community with clean environment. We await your trust.

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