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Sometimes, you come across certain spaces like sidewalks, parking, driveways, lawn, garden, backyard, garage, etc. where the dust, trash, leaves, oily and greasy material accumulate and hardens over a period. It becomes a tough job to cleanup the space and would require somebody who is a professional in such cleaning activities. Most often, we assume it’s easy to manually cleanup using the basic cleaning material, but it goes beyond the job of a garden hose, broomstick, and normal air blowers for a perfect cleaning.

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Retail Cleaning Services

Cleanworthy keep your retail shop clean. You keep your customer happy!

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Office Cleaning Services

Keep your office clean, keep your staff healthy.

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Glass Cleaning Services

Keep your office and store front glass clean, it is your image.

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Commercial Hood Cleaning

Clean your kitchen hood regularly! Customer will enjoy your food with peace of mind.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Comply with NEA restaurant cleanliness. Message us now!

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Contract Cleaning Services

Focus on your core business. Leave your cleaning work to CleanWorthy!

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CleanWorthy provides best solutions for small and big cleaning requirements. We are the leading services provider in the cleaning industry in Singapore, serving thousands of happy customers for over a decade now. We are experts in providing comprehensive cleaning solutions to various business sectors in Singapore ranging from corporate offices, schools, restaurants, parking, apartments, hospitals, houses, retail stores, shopping malls, commercial buildings, shops, and many more. One of the best cleaning services include high pressure jet cleaning that is exclusively provided mostly for an outdoor cleaning.


Unbeatable high pressure to blow away the trash and dirt at a jet speed!

Surface cleaning is a difficult task and it takes a lot of time to cleanup depending on the area, surface type, and trash accumulated. Cleanworthy, the most popular cleaning services provider in Singapore has the unique and contemporary solutions for all kinds cleaning activities. We are expertsin spring cleaning, domestic cleaning, office cleaning, mattress cleaning, floor scrubbing, curtain cleaning, carpet vacuuming, upholstery leather and fabric sofa cleaning, sanitation, marble polishing, end tenancy cleaning, mopping, post-renovation cleaning, event cleaning, high pressure jet cleaning, glass windows and doors cleaning, residential toilet cleaning, waste disposal, kitchen cleaning, wall and ceiling painting, bulk disposal and to name many.

We have a strong customer base from different industries who avail our services very frequently. Our cleaning crew is well-organized and trained to meet the industry standards. We have deployed our teams to all the geographic locations in Singapore for easy access of cleaning services without any delay.

Our uniqueness resides in our innovative procedures and advanced techniques that are more effective and efficient. We are specially trained and certified to handle high pressure jet cleaning that has exclusive options for blowing and vacuuming for exterior cleaning activities.


Unmatched and highly customized high-pressure cleaning services!

CleanWorthy is completely technology based and advanced in all cleaning activities. For commercial, residential, industrial, and other outdoor spaces you must opt for professionals like us who are customer centric and available with a variety of cleaning options. The high-pressure jet cleaning can be used as a water-based cleaning equipment or air-based cleaning equipment depending on the cleanup activity. Our professional cleaning crew has right knowledge to understand the cleanup space and suggest for high-pressure or moderate pressure air or water cleaning.

Some spaces like garden surfaces that have fences made of wood, and other outdoor surfaces that have sliding, window screens, wood decks etc. catch dust very easily and a normal dusting method wouldn’t be effective. High-pressure cleaning can be used for instant removal of solid accumulation on any kind of surface at great ease.

It consumes very less water because of the advanced technology, and it can be used for wall cleaning, restaurant’s floor cleaning, residential and commercial outdoor space cleaning,  car cleaning, gate cleaning, concrete architectures cleaning, pipeline cleaning, unreachable corners cleaning and many more.

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Your search for a high-pressure cleaning end with us!

We are most trusted and reliable cleaning services in Singapore that has unique cleaning solutions for different cleaning requirements. We have created remarkable experience for the customers by elevating their cleanliness and hygiene standards. We take pride in transforming several residential areas, commercial spaces, offices, restaurants, apartments, shopping malls etc. into beautiful and appealing properties that promoted clean, best and safe environment for people.

We are available on our hotline +65 9194 0123 or logon to and avail the best and highly professional cleaning services in Singapore at nominal and transparent prices. Now book our services on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on your requirement and experience our jet speed cleaning services. You’ll also be educated on how the cleaning activity is done through high-pressure blower and vacuum for cleanup.

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