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Clean Rugs and Carpet vs New Rugs and Carpet

Having conflicts between to clean your rugs or carpet and replace it with a new one? Replacing one is sure to be costly, but cleaning the rugs and carpets with dust mites’ invasion, drinks residue, unpleasant odour could be very troublesome. Rugs and carpet becoming necessity in every home today as a decoration that please coming guests.

However, prolonged dirt-filled carpet could be harmful to respiratory systemdue to more exposure towards dust mites.  Many feels that DIY vacuuming of their rug and carpet will be enough to keep the cleanliness of their rug and carpet in home. Yet we are here to tell that the studies by Cleaning Research International (CRI) showed that carpet washing, carpet steaming, carpet cleaning or carpet shampooing will provide a better hygienic   result than vacuuming alone.

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Carpet Stain Removal

Accidentally spill something on your carpet? CleanWorthy is your ready solution!

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet provide a comfy feeling to your customer. Leave the maintenance to CleanWorthy.

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Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleanliness is related to staffs’ heath level? Message us now!

Save time and stress on clean rug and carpet

Clean rug and carpet are a very technical task. Save your time of being stressful on vacuuming rugs and carpets, we, CleanWorthy are here to provide you with professional’s work. Our crews know the exact materials and cleaning techniques that properly remove the stains and dust within your rug. A dirty rug and carpet could be habitat for microbes as well as air pollutants. With CleanWorthy, you can now sit back and relax for entire day with beloved one.By this, you can save your money on buying a new one which may not suit your preferences. Rug and carpet cleaning are actually a good investment to your health as the unnecessary air impurities is been removed.

The figure shown below is the statistics we calculated based on our customers’ review previously from our social media. Generally, most of our customers are very satisfied with the cleaning of rug and carpet done by our crew’s member. The promises also been made by these customers that future routine cleaning work on rug and carpet will come back to us. We will gladly inform you that our service crew is been described as those who doing their work effectively in cleaning process. This efficiency in cleaning of rug and carpet is what we wished to be provided to all citizens in Singapore.

Carpet Cleaning Results That You Can Trust

Carpet Cleaning Price

Carpet SizeRetail Price (Per Sqft)
1100sqft & Below$ 0.26
1101sqft - 1800sqft$ 0.24
1801sqft - 3500sqft$ 0.22
3501sqft & Above$ 0.20

  • Minimum charge per trip $138

Rug Cleaning Price

Rug SizeRetail Price
XS (3ft x 5ft or Below 15sqft) $ 48.00
S (5ft x 8ft or Below 40sqft)$ 78.00
M (8ft x 10ft or Below 80sqft)$ 138.00
L (9ft x 12ft or Below 108sqft)$ 198.00
XL (12sqft x 15sqft or Below 180sqft)$ 328.00

Carpet Cleaning Services 7
Frequent Ask Questions

Reach us for more carpet cleaning enquiries

Do I need to be there during cleaning services?

  • We encourage customer or representative to available in the house during the cleaning services.

Should I clean my carpet before or after renovation?

  • Please do arrange a time for us after the constructions work to save your money because construction work could be dusty.

What it the carpet & rug cleaning rate?

  • Pricing of our services is based on the size of the rug and carpet and the services ordered by you. We are sure it’s all affordable for you.

Can I have the same carpet cleaning team every visit?

  • Yes, you do. We will try our best to arrange the same cleaning professionals for every visit. We understand you would to have a peace of mind to have someone you know and trust cleaning your carpet & rug.

Reach us, clean rugs and carpet aren’t a dream

So, indulge in so much home comfy, just call or text us! Do mail your acceptance to CleanWorthy today. Your cleanliness, ours load.

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