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You might not have realized it, but upholstery (Settee: long upholstered seat) is already a part of our lives, be it leather sofa at home, fabric cushioned chairs in the office, padded seats on the bus, and posh couches at the hotel lobby or the carpets on the planes. It is everywhere! And for something that you are in physical contact with so often, what is the most important thing you should take note of? Their cleanliness!

Is the sofa at home safe? Think again! Everyone at home spend most of their time in the living room, on the sofa especially. Are they all clean and proper and sanitized before hopping on it? Besides, that is where you entertain your guests as well. Imagine all the dirt and bacteria from outside landing on the sofa where you face plant yourself on it during naps. Pimples alert! Needless to say, those upholstery which are shared outside by the public are worse. Therefore professional upholstery cleaning services from CleanWorthy is needed.


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Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

CleanWorthy provides professional fabric upholstery cleaning. Don’t forget to clean your sofa regularly.

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Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Regardless you are looking for genuine leather or synthetic leather upholstery cleaning, CleanWorthy have you covered!

Upholstery Cleanliness, Beneath the Naked Eye

So why is it so important to have clean upholstery and hire a professional to clean it? To answer the former, the main reasons to keep your upholstery clean is for health purpose. Upholstery by nature tend to trap dust and dirt, which is why when patted hard enough sometimes, dust can be seen flying around. A clean upholstery in this case will ensure better air quality at home. Aside from that, furniture like sofas and couches are not cheap, thus caring for them and keeping them clean will guarantee a longer lifespan, saving your wallet in the long run. And of course, upholstery look better when clean.

As for companies and public transportation, clean upholstery is an added value to companies. By creating a clean environment for your staffs, their wellbeing are being cared for and this plays a very important role in employee satisfaction so that they are more willing to serve better. Upholstery on public transport on the other hand will improve customer satisfaction by providing them a comfortable and clean ride. So wait no more and contact CleanWorthy now for upholstery cleaning services.


Unique in Their Own Upholstery Ways

Then it comes to why hire a professional upholstery cleaning services. Basic upholstery cleaning can be done on a weekly or monthly basis based on the frequency of usage of that piece of upholstery. Any stains should be treated immediately and you should regularly give your upholstery a clean wipe to avoid accumulation of dust especially for leather couches.

However, upholstery deep cleaning requires a whole new level of knowledge. Especially during the outbreak of flu like SARS, COVID-19 pandemic, personal hygiene and hygiene level at your home is critical and professional upholstery cleaning services and sanitizing services to fight this outbreak is important. 

There are different ways to care for different types of upholstery. Fabric covers are more comfortable to touch but they are more prone to stains. But you can always clean it, vacuum it and sun it. If there are pets at home, scratches would not be too visible too. Leather covers on the other hand are more stain resistant, but they are not as scratch resistant as the fabric covers. They cannot be placed under the sun too because their colour will fade and they would also need conditioning from time to time so that they would not crack.

Fabric Sofa & Chair Cleaning Results That You Can Trust

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Price

Fabric Upholstery SizeRetail Price
1-Seater/ Armchair $ 68.00
2 Seater $ 138.00
3 Seater $ 208.00
4 Seater / L Shape $ 288.00
5 Seater $ 328.00
6 Seater$ 388.00
Ottoman$ 38.00
Dining Chair/ Office Chair$ 20.00

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Price

Leather Upholstery SizeRetail Price
1-Seater/ Armchair $ 68.00
2 Seater $ 138.00
3 Seater $ 208.00
4 Seater / L Shape $ 288.00
5 Seater $ 328.00
6 Seater$ 388.00
Ottoman$ 38.00
Dining Chair/ Office Chair$ 20.00
Leather Sofa Pillow$ 8.00

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Frequent Ask Questions

Smooth Upholstery Cleaning Experience Guide

What do I need to prepare before CleanWorthy cleaning crews arrive?

  • Ensure that there are water and electricity at home.
  • Ensure at least one representative is present to unlock the door for our cleaning crew to enter and supervise them until they complete their cleaning tasks.
  • Empty the space around your sofa to make it easier for our cleaning crew to carry out their work.

How will my sofa be cleaned?

  • For fabric sofas, wet extraction cleaning method will be used. Detergent and sanitizer will be sprayed onto the sofa and be extracted out after. With a few repeats of this process and your sofa will be clean.
  • For leather sofas, specialized leather detergent with sanitizer will be used to clean and wiped the sofa thoroughly, followed by the conditioning of your leather sofa using a leather conditioner.

How long will the cleaning process take?

  • It will generally take around 1-2 hours depending on the size and conditions of your sofa.

How long would it take for my sofa to be completely dry after the cleaning?

  • This depends on the material and size of the sofa. Under good ventilation, it should be completely dried between 6 to 12 hours.

Think Professional, Think CleanWorthy

It is important to care for your upholstery in the proper way to ensure that your money is well invested. Professional upholstery cleaning services is necessary if you want your upholstery to last longer. Different types of upholstery materials require different types of care and different types of stains and dirt requires different method of cleaning. Besides that, do not underestimate how dirty or unhygienic uncleaned sofa clean be. 

When it comes to upholstery, stains are almost inevitable. Leave the hard and challenging work to us and you can sit back and relax. Choosing us will probably be one of your best decisions. We aim to deliver nothing but the best service at an affordable price. To book an appointment or to understand more about our services, please do not hesitate to either drop us an email or give us a call. 

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