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Why Aircon Chemical Wash?

Being a tropical island, Singapore is tend to be hot and humid most of the times. This encourages the Singaporeans to rely on the aircons throughout the year to offer themselves a sense of comfort and peace. Nearly all the citizen of Singapore are known to be the proud owners of an air conditioning system due to its competitiveness and affordability in the region.

Maintenance is also a prime focus as with the passing time and weather conditions often result in the minimized productivity of the air-conditioning system. One of the thorough cleaning and maintenance method is by means of a chemical wash which makes sure the air conditioner does not show any signs of trouble in its functionality.

Chemical wash is a thorough process that makes sure that your air-conditioner is working at its full capacity. If you have an air-conditioner that has not been used for sometime or has been used for a while without cleaning would definitely need a chemical wash. Chemically washing the metallic parts makes sure that the stubborn sediments of dusts are removed efficiently.

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Chemical Wash

Through chemical wash is needed sometime, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready!

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Aircon Maintenance

CleanWorthy recommend to service Aircon regularly to keep it well maintained for better air quality.

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Aircon Leaking

Are there water leaking out from your aircon? Message us now!

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Aircon Not Cold

There are many possible reason for Aircon Not Cold, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready to help!

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Aircon Repair

Your aircon is not functioning as per suppose to? Let CleanWorthy repair it.

Seek Help From Professionals At Clean Worthy

There are ways of cleaning the air-conditioner that does not require as much effort as the chemical wash. General cleaning removes the trapped dust and trash from the air-conditioners but a chemical wash cleans everything. There are often moments when the air conditioner is left idle, the dust particles find spaces inside the metallic components, eventually working to minimize the efficiency of the system.

People might think that using a detergent and water can do the job well but it is far from right. Any normal person will end up damaging the unit that is why it is recommended to seek help from a professional. Clean Worthy is based in Singapore with decades of experience in maintaining and fixing the air-conditioning related issues.

Knowing the right type of tools and techniques is very important when cleaning the air conditioner using a chemical agent. Our professionals are certified and have the experience to understand the problem and how it can be tackled; in the most transparent way possible.


Aircon Chemical Wash With Clean Worthy

Using chemical agents to clean the air conditioner is not certainly an easy task. The cleaning team of professionals makes sure that the unit is disassembled properly for a thorough cleaning. Fan, coils, drainage and even the piping is cleaned to provide uninterrupted service at the units full capacity.

There are security measure to be considered as well. The chemicals that are used are always placed in protective containers to prevent the cleaning agent to be leaked out. The right equipment is used for the right time and the only tools that are needed will be taken to the site. During the cleaning process our team will make sure to let everyone in the premises know, to keep a distance where chemical wash is taking place.

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