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Aircon Not Cold, A Tropical Nightmare

Being a proud jewel of the tropical region in Asia Pacific, Singaporean take pride in their homeland. Singapore is an island which often gets showers of rain but mostly the weather is hot and humid. This makes the people of Singapore very dependent on the air conditioners on a regular basis. Air conditioners have made life easier for both at home and offices by keeping the temperature cool and a feeling of freshness for the people.

With their dependence on the air conditioners, having a unit not cooling is certainly a nightmare for the people of Singapore. The sleep gets bothered, you are always covered in sweat and a wave of discomfort slides in. You certainly would not want to experience this ordeal. But without a worry, you can contact Clean Worthy Singapore, who are expert at managing and handling these issues. 

Troubleshooting for a cause that is not letting the air conditioner cool is a very tricky job. Not everyone can figure out without having the proper knowledge and the experience. There are many reasons why the air conditioner is not cooling and each requires its own way of testing. It can be the piping issue leakage, the compressor, the coil and even the electric circuit issue.

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Chemical Wash

Through chemical wash is needed sometime, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready!

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Aircon Maintenance

CleanWorthy recommend to service Aircon regularly to keep it well maintained for better air quality.

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Aircon Leaking

Are there water leaking out from your aircon? Message us now!

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Aircon Not Cold

There are many possible reason for Aircon Not Cold, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready to help!

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Aircon Repair

Your aircon is not functioning as per suppose to? Let CleanWorthy repair it.

CleanWorthy Singapore, Experts At Aircon Affairs

Our professionals at Clean Worthy Singapore not only troubleshoot your problem but also find multiple ways of fixing this problem as well. They will guide you through out the process and what is the cause of the condition. Our aim is to keep the working environment and even the pricing tier as transparent as possible to make sure there are no confusions.

We aim to provide the best quality and services that our clients will remember us during their next maintenance project. We at Clean Worthy respect the environmental damages and we only the most neutral substance in all of the works we do. We not only provide troubleshooting and gas recharging for air conditioners but also offer other maintenance services.

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Hire CleanWorthy In Singapore Today

CleanWorthy Singapore provides air conditioner troubleshooting service in a very comprehensive manner to make sure that the air conditioner is working in its full capacity without any delays and disruptions. A clean and maintained air conditioner provides clean and fresh cool air providing comfort to the occupants of the premises. 

You can trust our expert judgement in identifying the cleaning service that may be required in providing you with your needs. We even provide an on sight supervisor who makes sure your work is being in the most appropriate manner to keep your satisfaction guaranteed.

For bookings you can call us at +65 9194 0123 and consult with our representative. Or, you can go through our website at for a complete list of out services or email us at

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