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Modern city brings us with wealth but not really health. Bigger city leaning to more vehicles and industries. Dirt and grime are collected all around your window, causing your window less transparent and fragile? Clean window not only provide a clean environment but also allow the sunlight to penetrate through, making your home look lively.

Can you even imagine that you are living in home where all the window is full of fungi and algae? This will only be leaning to more stressful life and may also leaning to more unpleasant smell in home. Cleaning window could be time consuming and annoying. Yet, living in a unit with no clean window means you are inhaling more impurities in air.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Retail store front and display window is your business image, Let CleanWorthy clean it for you!

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Office Window Cleaning

CleanWorthy provides professional office window cleaning. Let’s clean & remove stain regularly.

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Home Window Cleaning

Cleaning window at home can be challenging and physical demanding. CleanWorthy have you covered!

Craving Clean Window in Middle of City

At working place, we believe that neither wants to stay inside a working place which is dull with no sunlight penetrating. Leaning to drop in performance can be foreseen as the office’s surrounding is not stimulating. As for business shop lot such as coffee shops, restaurants, furniture’s shops, and clothing shops, it’s important to keep a clean window to provide a great window view for customers in order to boost up the business sales.  


Your window, we clean

In CleanWorthy, we vow to ease away all your worries. We understand that cleaning window all by yourself could be dangerous, so why don’t outsource predicament to professionals like us? Cases happened in Singapore previously where several maids falling to death while cleaning the external facing window and the leaning out of window could be really lethal if not handled with care.  In CleanWorthy, our crew is trained to be specialised in window cleaning for all sorts of housing area such as HDB housing, apartments, bungalows and also servicing commercial units. Our services also inclusive of internal window cleaning and canopy glass cleaning.


Why CleanWorthy? Here’s the customers’ feedback

  1. Our services crews are polite and helpful. Besides, they are tough and professionals to clean out the window as requested.
  2. A sparkling clear and clean window for their employees and clients to enjoy the window view of the city.
  3. Our operators are responsive and friendly to all the calls from our customers.
  4. Our pricing for the window cleaning services are affordable.
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Frequent Ask Questions

Smooth Window Cleaning Experience Guide

What should I do before CleanWorthy Window Cleaning Team reach my place?

  • Be sure that you or your representatives are available. Water source is important for window cleaning regardless commercial or residential window cleaning.

Do your service crews need water supply and electric supply?

  • Water supply is definitely needed. For electric supply, it will be depending on if machine is needed for that window cleaning job. 

Any other things that I need to pay attention to?

  • Please do make sure the area around the wanted to be cleaned window is accessible for our crew to make the cleaning process be smooth.

Don’t hesitate. Clean window is just around the corner.

Feel free to contact us during our office hour for the window cleaning services. Our professional are really pleased to help you with a clean window. Clean environment are blessings of all citizens in Singapore. We looking forward the call from you. With CleanWorthy, we ensure that you will get the best ever services ever along with clean window that pave you towards healthy life.

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