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Aircon servicing needs?

With Singapore’s warm and humid weather throughout the year, it’s understandable that every room now installed with aircon. Aircon provide us with fresh cool air but maintenance on aircon need to be done regularly, preferably on monthly basis. With this kind of weather, it is a must to maintain your aircon be cleaned especially humidity may become the main reason of its damages.

The collected dirt and dust in aircon filter can easily lower efficiency of aircon unit which at the same time produce gaseous that pollute air quality in your room. So, when it’s the last time you service aircon in home or office? If it’s been a long while ago, we, CleanWorthy, request you to think deeper for the sake of health.  

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Chemical Wash

Through chemical wash is needed sometime, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready!

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Aircon Maintenance

CleanWorthy recommend to service Aircon regularly to keep it well maintained for better air quality.

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Aircon Leaking

Are there water leaking out from your aircon? Message us now!

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Aircon Not Cold

There are many possible reason for Aircon Not Cold, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready to help!

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Aircon Repair

Your aircon is not functioning as per suppose to? Let CleanWorthy repair it.

Benefits of Regular service on Aircon

Clean Air

Instead of lowering indoor temperature, aircon also important in cleaning indoor air circulation. When turned on, the quality of air in your room depends highly on condition of the aircon. Normally, a new one will provide cleanest air in room, but when time goes on, with accumulated dust and impurities in filter film, aircon’s performance will deteriorate and quality of air drop accordingly. Servicing aircon unit regularly will help to remove these pollutants that allow cleaner air to circulate.

Extend lifespan of your aircon

Any devices without maintenance wouldn’t stay serve long. Only by keeping the aircon system be clean as possible, aircon system will at its longest lifespan. Pollutants within air are some of the main reason of many aircon breakdown within a short period of time. These pollutants can corrode and thinning the parts inside aircon causing them a permanent damage to be critical. A clean and well-serviced aircon reduced the rate of torn-off and tearing of these parts, thus increasing its lifespan on service you with a clean air.

Reduced breakdowns

The worst thing that happened to your aircon unit is a breakdown. Cost of reviving an aircon unit from a breakdown almost be equated with buying a new. Somehow, that it will never function same again even after restoration from a breakdown. Factors of breakdown could be hard to identified once come to breakdown as it could be either freezing, broken parts, dirt or dust accumulation. By regular service, all these factors can be dealt one by one before it costs plenty.

Aircon Cleaning Results That Your Can Trust

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Frequent Ask Questions

Smooth Aircon Servicing Experience Guide

Can I have the same service team each visit?

  • Yes. We will try  our best to arrange the same service professional for each visit. We know how important it is to have someone known and trusted to service your aircon.

Can I skip or reschedule an appointment?

  • In any case if you need to change your appointment time, ideally, we would like a minimum of 24 hours in advance. We’ll rearrange your visit to another day or more convenient time or if you wish, cancel it all together.

Let CleanWorthy Bear Your Worry

We know that unmaintained aircon could be harmful to you. So, don’t take it so long before you and your beloved get sick because of the unclean air. Get to us today! Hope to hear from you shortly.

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