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Proper maintenance of Granite Table For Enhanced Interior Set-up

Granite is considered one most of the commonly used natural stone for enhancing the interior of home. It is the most durable natural stone which suits best to engage your space, making it look classy and elegant. Due to its exquisite look and immense strength, granite is accepted as a popular countertop and table material. However, amidst all these favourable points, this natural stone forms up with the requirement of proper maintenance.

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Granite Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, granite polishing will be needed!

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Granite Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Granite Maintenance

Keep your granite shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Why is regular cleaning and repair important?

Most of the homeowners who have granite interior are well-accustomed to the fact that when it comes to granite surfaces, it requires regular cleaning, sealing, repair, and polishing. It is because, without its due course of proper maintenance and care, the granite tends to lose its beautiful finish. It also protects the stone surface from penetration and accumulation of dirt, germs and food particles.

Over time, the surface of the granite table has to bear a lot. Starting from oil spills, accumulation of the food particles to the scratches caused due to mishandling, the table has to her with a lot. Apart from these, there are certain materials which steals the professional finish of the stone, making it look dull. This is known as etching. It is a chemical damage which is often mistaken as a simple watermark or stains on the surface of the granite table at your place. These issues should not be neglected, rather, a professional should be called to repair the surface of the granite table and return back its lost charm.


Keep The Risk Of Degraded Surface Away With Professional Repair Service

Etching can be described into three major categories, mild, moderate and severe, depending entirely on the exposure and fall in the shine of the surface. Initially, it may seem like a stain but you need to identify it and get the same treated as early as possible. It is because the longer granite is exposed to such substances, the more severe the etching becomes making it difficult to undertake the repair process.

Next to etching, the next problem which requires immediate attention and repair is the occurrence of chips and cracks. Well, this is usually caused due to the random fluctuations in the temperature or any other chemical reaction which brings in uninvited cracks and holes. It requires immediate sealing because once dust and dirt penetrates through that space, it can lead to unwanted long term issues which may further demand for complete replacement of the granite tile. So, if you come across any such issues on your granite table in Singapore, call for expert services immediately and get it repaired.

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Quality Granite Table restoration service at your doorstep in Singapore

Proper cleaning, scaling, and polishing are the little secret which can keep the surface of your Granite table safe from all potential damages. You can call for experienced professionals from Clean Worthy to seek the best natural stone maintenance service in Singapore. We are a team of highly trained individuals owning more than a decade’s experience in this field. They make use of modern machines with their knowledge assuring quality service at your doorstep.  You can easily book for our service through offline or online platforms and help us keep your granite interior perfectly beautiful. We look forward to serve you.

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