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Wall paints go a long way in changing the appearance of a room. A simple way to add interest and character to space is through new and unique wall painting Singapore. Whether one decides to paint a wall with a distinct color, create a monochromatic theme, or just have fun creating patterns, stencil a wall or recreate a wall painting idea; wall painting can make a huge difference in the simplest ways. However, all the money and effort one puts in painting can go down the drain, if the effort goes unnoticed and appreciated.

At CleanWorthy, we use the following painting ideas to add character and glamour into space, set a home apart and make the onlooker gaze in awe.

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Wall Painting

When is the last time your wall is painted? CleanWorthy painting team is ready!

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Living Room Painting

CleanWorthy is ready to make your living room looks new again. Are you ready?

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Bedroom Painting

Paint your bedroom to a comfy feel. Message us now!

Clean before starting

At CleanWorthy, we clean dirty, oily surfaces as the paint will chip or peel off to allow wall paint colors to adhere well to walls. We also dust and wash walls to make sure surfaces are dust and oil free for best and durable results.


An Appropriate Theme

Wall painting designs that complement the space with the right colors look amazing. A kid’s rooms, living room, bedroom each has their usability and function. The paint colors chosen should suit the setting and ambiance of a space. A wall paint design scheme that feels out of place may make the whole house look unplanned and detached.


We Try to Go Bold and Begin at the Trim

The same old light colors and pastel walls may make a room feel dull and boring. We try bold wall painting Singapore ideas on one of the prominent walls to instantly change the mood and add a focal point to the room. The wall painting idea need not be anything specific; one can just do it you’re your favorite colors, paintings, quotes, and hues.

As professionals, we follow a certain order when painting a room. Contrary to normal belief the trim is painted first, then the ceiling, then the walls. In case the trim paint splatters onto the walls, one can cover it later when painting the walls.


We Roll paint for consistent texture

Wall painting job needs clean edges and precision to bring out the best in the paint colors. The corners and enclosed areas in the wall painting design, where the brush is difficult to reach, one can find noticeably different texture. This should be retouched with a roller to ensure consistency.

To add a unique touch to the room, one can work with textured paints available in eggshell finishes and metallic hues to add glamour and interest to a room. One can create a textured wall or use design techniques on all the wall of the room.


We Avoid lap marks

Lap marks are ugly stripes caused by the uneven layering of paint colors. They occur when one paints over an already partly dry color. We avoid lap marks by maintaining a “wet edge,” overlapping strokes before the paint can begin to dry.

When wall painting a large section roll a nearly dry roller in diverse directions along the dry edge, this called ‘feathering out the paint’ as you go. For the second coat, we apply the paint in the opposite direction. This overlapping paint application sharply reduces lap marks.

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Of course, other wall painting options can be just as interesting. However, intricate and detailed designs are a bit easy to mess up. One can also opt for wallpaper in places where the design gets intricate. Always opt to hire Clean Worthy professional painters to get artistic results from the chosen wall painting designs. You can access our website to book our services or contact us on phone or email.

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