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Your restaurant’s kitchen deserves a special attention!

There are hundreds of customers who visit your restaurant everyday and enjoy the best food you have in the menu. You would do all that possible to keep your customers happy and satisfied to visit again and grow your business, but sometime you may find it challenging to look after the other aspects of customer service like hygiene, cleanliness, standard kitchen operations etc.

Kitchen cleaning becomes a difficult task and can’t hand it over to your regular staff as it requires professionals to clean it through specially designed equipment and tools that save lot of time and give you perfect cleaning.

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Retail Cleaning Services

Cleanworthy keep your retail shop clean. You keep your customer happy!

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Office Cleaning Services

Keep your office clean, keep your staff healthy.

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Glass Cleaning Services

Keep your office and store front glass clean, it is your image.

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Commercial Hood Cleaning

Clean your kitchen hood regularly! Customer will enjoy your food with peace of mind.

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Comply with NEA restaurant cleanliness. Message us now!

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Contract Cleaning Services

Focus on your core business. Leave your cleaning work to CleanWorthy!

Trusted Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

CleanWorthy is the most popular cleaning services in Singapore that is internationally recognized and has a dedicated team of professional cleaners to provide exceptional cleaning services, remarkable experience and high satisfaction. Unlike other cleaning services, CleanWorthy services are unique in its approach and use the right equipment and tools that make any difficult cleaning task much easier and simpler. The greasy and oily platforms, utensils, plates, chimneys, wash are, pipelines, waste disposal and ventilators absolutely require a high attention when you want your customers have the best experience in your restaurant.


Expertise that amazes you!

You would be amazed by our services as we have a unique approach and procedures in all our cleaning activities. CleanWorthy is a licensed firm with the best workforce that is punctual, skillful, well-trained and experienced to handle all kinds of cleaning tasks.In the current era, restaurants are designed in way that customers can have a transparent view to understand the hygiene and cleanliness standards.

Nowadays, customers focus more on the hygiene standards before deciding to visit a restaurant because their primary interest is to have quality food prepared under hygiene environment and clean procedures. Keeping in mind, to help you focus more on the core customer service activities, CleanWorthy collaborates with you to serve you the best way possible and upkeep your restaurant’s kitchen.

We assure you 100% quality assurance and customer satisfaction, environmentally friendly approach in cleaning, in time services through a nationwide deployed teams, high standard cleaning powders and liquids that retain freshness for a longer time, special tools and equipment for floor cleaning, platform cleaning, chimney cleaning etc.


Display an appealing appearance of your restaurant’s kitchen!

Maintaining a restaurant is not easy as it is said because of several core areas that need high attention. It’s not just the food that keeps your customers coming back but the restaurant’s appearance that makes the customers enjoy food and have a pleasant time. Appearance plays a vital role in creating best impressions and showcase your standards in terms of quality, hygiene, cleanliness etc. You need professionals who understand the right procedures for cleaning the restaurant’s kitchen and bring an appealing appearance.

Cleanworthy has left positive impressions with its services in various businesses like retail, schools, shopping malls, apartments, restaurants, and many more. We have sophisticated machinery and tools that are handled by a well-trained team. We are experts in domestic cleaning, curtain cleaning, spring cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, mold cleaning, upholstery cleaning-leather and fabric sofa cleaning, disinfection and sanitation, residential toilet cleaning, marble polishing, wall and ceiling painting, end tenancy cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, event cleanup, post-renovation cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, waste disposal, windows and doors cleaning, dusting, and customized cleaning requirements.

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Shine your kitchen without any delay!

Now get rid of those tough, oily and greasy stains on the kitchen floor, platform, chimney, wash area and serve the best food with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene by incorporating our cleaning services in your daily routines. All that you must do is logon to and explore a variety of cleaning services for your restaurant’s kitchen. Reach us on our hotline +65 9194 0123 for all your urgent cleaning services subject to surcharges and availability. Now have a hassle-free booking and avail our services at your convenience i.e. daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly. Get the best deals and unique services to shine your kitchen and business.

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