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One of the main jobs of an air conditioner is to remove the moisture of the room it is fixed in, eventually removing the hot temperature and bringing the room to a colder state. The process by which an air conditioner works is by means of water which is in certain capacity, depending on the numerous factors such as the cooling strength and the over all weather conditions around.

The air conditioner captures the moisture from the environment that eventually flows through the coil and is discharged from the base. Some of this discharged water is used for the cooling purpose of the coil and other components while the unused water is drained. In order to get your air conditioner checked, a professional from CleanWorthy can do this job for you at a very reasonable price.

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Chemical Wash

Through chemical wash is needed sometime, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready!

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Aircon Maintenance

CleanWorthy recommend to service Aircon regularly to keep it well maintained for better air quality.

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Aircon Leaking

Are there water leaking out from your aircon? Message us now!

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Aircon Not Cold

There are many possible reason for Aircon Not Cold, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready to help!

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Aircon Repair

Your aircon is not functioning as per suppose to? Let CleanWorthy repair it.

There are many ways through which the leakage in the air conditioner is seen. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below:


Why Does Aircon Leaks?

Installing an air conditioner requires proper technique and every measurement has to be accurate. In case the installation is not done properly and there are uneven levels, then a water leakage can be witnessed. In the case of a window air conditioner installation, it must be installed with proper care and manual guided. It must be made sure that the air conditioning unit must be tilted to the back side to drain the unwanted water.

In times when there are gas leakages, a sudden change in temperature is witnessed within the unit causing the icing problem. This ice formation along the coil melts and there is a leakage seen. In times like these, the owner of the air conditioner is requested to go for a air conditioner maintenance with a professional such as CleanWorthy.

The other common type of water leakage from aircon is usually seen through the blockage of drain pipes. The moisture that is extracted from the environment has to be drained out otherwise a leakage can be seen from unpredictable points of the unit.


CleanWorthy, Experts at Aircon Leakage

CleanWorthy has been active in Singapore for over a decade catering to the cleaning and air conditioner services in Singapore. They have a team of professionals who are experienced in maintenance of air conditioners and leakage problems. We provide full transparency in the work we do and the pricing tier. Our professionals will make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Looking to Service Your Leaking Aircon?

You can trust our expert judgement in identifying the air conditioner leakage that may be required in providing you with your needs.We even provide an on sight supervisor who makes sure your work is being in the most appropriate manner to keep your satisfaction guaranteed.

For bookings you can call us at +65 9194 0123 and consult with our representative. Or, you can go through our website at for a complete list of out services or email us at

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