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Having an entire day pursuing dreams and wealth? Feeling tired when you are off working and come back home? Having no time to clean out the floor of your beloved home? Life brings us so much hardships every day. Imagine that how wonder to have clean tiles and floors upon you reach home after a tiring day.

A clean home environment proven can enhance the quality of working and life. A clean floor is needed to prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria that might affect our daily life which might eventually lead to illness that slow down your pace. Floor cleaning is so annoying that it can consumed so much of your time and patience.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning

Regardless machine scrubbing or high pressure water jet cleaning, CleanWorthy have you covered!

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Tile Floor Cleaning

CleanWorthy provides professional indoor and outdoor tile cleaning. Let’s clean & remove stain regularly.

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning

CleanWorthy provides professional vinyl floor cleaning. Let us clean and wax your vinyl floor.

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CleanWorthy Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Now, waiting’s time over, folks. We provide professional services which solves the problems of yours. Refreshing and clean floors are no longer a worry after a hectic day. Hygiene environment and clean floor is a necessity for every families. The frequency of cleaning basic tile should be on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to ensure that any treating of guests or customers can be very convenience and comfy upon visit. It is our pleasure to provide you with floor cleaning services which suits any kind type of floors and tiles you requested. Our services include commercial floor cleaning such as high-pressured wash or machine floor scrubbing, marble floor cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning and tiles grout cleaning. It is our job to provide with our customer a quality life from floor cleaning aspect.


What Customers Say About Our Floor Cleaning Services

Previous evaluation from our customers are positive on our works. This encourage us to work harder to provide a clean floor and tiles in every home in Singapore as one of our mission for future. Applaud from customers are received as like they are happy to see their home to be clean. The flooring tiles in home is shiny as new renovated floor. Most of the customers are very pleased with our services with reasonable price and promise to have us as the main services crew when comes to flooring cleaning services. Here, we sincerely hope that you are the next to experience this beauty and comfy.

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Frequent Ask Questions

Smooth Floor Cleaning Experience Guide

What do I need to do before hand my house to CleanWorthy Floor Cleaning Team?

  • First, you need to make sure that there are water and electric supply for your house as our cleaning equipment used required water and electric supply to be functioned. Next, please ensure that your representative or you are available on the date appointed for services and check through the job done of our service crew before they leave your house.

My house is under renovation, when should I arrange CleanWorthy floor cleaning service?

  • Please do ensure that if there is any renovation in your house, it should be arranged before our services as the construction work could be very dusty and then all our work and your money will be wasted.

Can CleanWorthy acid wash my floor?

  • The answer is yes and no. CleanWorthy do provide acid wash for cleaning. However, not all type of floor are suitable for acid wash. Some type of floor like marble or shinny tile floor can even be damaged when it is acid washed. Do contact us for suitable cleaning that we recommend for your floor.

Think Floor Cleaning, Think CleanWorthy

We care for your hygiene, that is what we vow to provide to all Singaporeans. So, it is important to care for your floor’s cleaning in which your money is well spent. Different types of floors can be serviced by our crew as per request. Leave this hard and meaningful work to us while you sit back and enjoy this hygiene environment. If you are interested with our floor cleaning services, please do not hesitate to leave us a message via email, call or even in the social media address above. Hope to hear from you soon.

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