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What Material to Go for Sofa

When it comes to completing a home, aside from renovation, choosing the right furniture is very important. Right choices of furniture does not only reflect your personal taste, but it also contributes to the comfort of a home, upholstery especially. But between leather and fabric sofas, which one should you go for? If comfort is your number one priority, then hands down, go for fabric sofas. To maximize the lifespan of your fabric sofa, we would recommend for professional fabric upholstery cleaning services from CleanWorthy every 6 months.

Fabric Sofa’s Kryptonite : STAINS

Fabric sofas are not only more comfortable when compared to leather sofas, they are more scratch resistant too. But when it comes to stains, fabric sofas will be more stain prone compare to their leather counterparts. But that should not stop you from allowing your guests to treat themselves with some Chinese New Year cookies or raya kuih while gathering in the living room right? So what are the chances of fabric sofas getting stained? Worry no, our professional fabric upholstery cleaning services team is ready to help.

Wine stains, when you are having a party at your house, oil stains, when your children wipe their hands on the couch after indulging in prawn crackers, ice-cream stains, because it only seemed right to enjoy it while catching a TV show, mud stains, because your fury kids tend to join you on the couch sometimes and dirt stains, because you sit with your feet up most of the time.

Of course, it is best if fabric sofa covers are removable, then you can just dump them into the washing machine and clean them with some strong cleaning agent. But what about non removable fabric sofa covers? And for removable ones, what about dirt and germs beneath the naked eye? Professional cleaning service provider like Cleanworthy is ready to help on all the above problems.


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Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

CleanWorthy provides professional fabric upholstery cleaning. Don’t forget to clean your sofa regularly.

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Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Regardless you are looking for genuine leather or synthetic leather upholstery cleaning, CleanWorthy have you covered!

CleanWorthy to the Rescue

On a weekly basis, you should clean your fabric sofa by vacuuming it first before wiping and sunning it. This is the prevent dirt from being rubbed into your sofa. Stains should be treated immediately by blotting it with a damp microfiber cloth in hope of absorbing it up. But for stains which are too old and too stubborn to treat, you should hire a professional fabric upholstery cleaning services to do the upholstery cleaning for you. First, it would be time consuming to google different types of cleaning methods to treat different kind of stains.

Second, you would need to make sure that it is the right cleaning method because different fabric sofas have different cleaning methods and we all know that sofa is an investment because of its purchase value, thus, leave it to the professional fabric upholstery cleaning services provider. At CleanWorthy, we take training very seriously and ensure that our fabric upholstery cleaning services crews are well equipped with the proper cleaning knowledge before sending them over to you.


Trust CleanWorthy

CleanWorthy has been gaining trust from customers which we have served and we are surely not stopping just there. Our wet extraction cleaning method has been proven to work for every household and offices. We have also many returning customers. To find out more, do head on to CleanWorthy reviews to check it out.

Fabric Sofa & Chair Cleaning Results That You Can Trust

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Price

Fabric Upholstery SizeRetail Price
1-Seater/ Armchair $ 68.00
2 Seater $ 138.00
3 Seater $ 208.00
4 Seater / L Shape $ 288.00
5 Seater $ 328.00
6 Seater$ 388.00
Ottoman$ 38.00
Dining Chair/ Office Chair$ 20.00
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Frequent Ask Questions

Prepping for CleanWorthy Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Services

Preparations before sofa cleaning crews arrive

  • Make sure that there are electricity and water supply.
  • Make sure that there is at least a representative around to let the cleaning crews in and supervise while the cleaning is being carried out until it is done.
  • Keep spaces around the sofa empty, this will help our cleaning crew to work more efficiently.

How will my fabric sofa be cleaned?

  • For fabric sofa and upholstery, we will apply wet extraction cleaning method.
  • This method will be carried out by spraying your sofa with detergent and sanitizer, letting it soak for a while, and then extracting it out. By repeating this process for a few times, your sofa will be as cleaned as new.

How long will the cleaning process take?

  • The time consumed for the cleaning process really depends on the size and condition of your sofa.

How long will it take for my fabric sofa to dry completely?

  • Again, it is dependent on the size and condition of your sofa.
  • Under good ventilation, about 6 to 12 hours would do.

CleanWorthy, Your Cleaning Superhero

When you think of fabric upholstery cleaning services, think CleanWorhty. Our fabric upholstery cleaning services teams are very well equipped with necessary skills to suck out all the gunk and dirt which has been laying deep down beneath the layers of fabric. You will finally be reminded on how your fabric sofa actually look like when you first got it. To book a fabric upholstery cleaning services appointment with us, just whatsapp or email us your preferred time and condition of your sofa so that we can serve you better, and our ever ready to help customer service will guide you through the booking.

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