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Easy and Hassle-free Granite Countertop Maintenance in Singapore

Granite Countertops are considered as one of the most stylish and extravagant countertops which add up life to your simple looking kitchen and bathroom. Granite has an extraordinarily beautiful and elegant look that can serve as a durable, tough as well as long-lasting choice for your home. You need to care for your granite and undertake a cleaning session to keep it spotless. Moreover, these countertops do not require high effort maintenance and tend to remain shiny and attractive with mild wipes and cleaning.

There are several professional cleaning agencies like CleanWorthy which provides top-notch service of Granite Countertop Maintenance in Singapore. These professionals usually follow a few tips and tricks for keeping the shiny granite countertops in their proper shape.  These cleaning ideas often called bright hacks are an amazing way to keep your kitchen and bathroom space look all neat and tidy in an easy way. The cleaning procedure which is followed for granite countertops is quite effortless and hassle-free.

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Granite Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, granite polishing will be needed!

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Granite Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Granite Maintenance

Keep your granite shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Neutral Cleansers to Tidy up Your Granite Countertop

Neutral cleaners work wonder for cleaning the boring old granite countertop and keeping it unstained. Granite is a hard and durable stone and suits perfectly to its use as a countertop. However, it is recommended not to make use of too strong or acid-based cleansers as it can irritate the surface of the granite. The experts who do the cleaning jobs always make use of a pH-neutral soap-based cleaning agent and gently rub the surface to remove all spots and stains.


Regular Wiping For a Speck less Countertop

Wiping the granite countertop with a soft cotton cloth can serve as a great alternative. Wiping the countertop after each use helps to remove the dirt, dust or food particles that are left behind. Wiping is considered a good habit helps to prevent the surface of the stone and to ensure its durability. You can also make use of some mild disinfectant or warm water for wiping your countertop regularly and avoid the accumulation of dirt and other such unwanted elements. Both of these options are a suitable idea for domestic cleaning as it is easily available and kills germs too.


Immediate Cleaning For Your Squeaky Clean Kitchen Space

Calling a professional for deep cleaning of your granite countertop is always a good choice. However, to avoid the related hassle of removing long term stains of oil, it is advised to clean the spills immediately. Using a paper towel or any such soft cloth always serves right.  In case of spills, wiping should not be done as it makes the spilled liquid to spread all over the countertop, thus ruining its condition more. Apart from it, it is advised not to keep sharp or hot objects directly on the countertop. It is because it may result in the formation of stains and scratches, thus depleting the texture of the stone countertop.

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Experts from Cleanworthy for Proper Granite Countertop Maintenance

You can easily call for cleaning experts from CleanWorthy in Singapore and get your granite cleaning done efficiently at a pocket-friendly cost. Our cleaners work efficiently making use of right and of cleaning agents to treat the porous stone countertop and keeping its surface all lean and spank. Aiming to provide hassle-free service to our customers, we offer easy booking options, both online as well as offline.

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