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No wonder how well your granite professional installers work fixes and seals your granite tile, it will require deep cleaning every once in a while. It is mainly because the sealant is more specifically designed to repel the stains rather than preventing it from staying. Although the granite surface is claimed to be stain resistant, stains do pop up on the surface especially on the kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity spaces and sometimes even on the floor.

The most common stains which are seen in the kitchen and bathroom vanity tops are either oil-based or organic stains. As per reports, each type of stain and mark is usually identified and then a perfect cleaning agent or technique is used to remove the stain.

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Granite Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, granite polishing will be needed!

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Granite Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Granite Maintenance

Keep your granite shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Effective means to remove the stains and brighten up your Granite surface

A poultice is considered as one of the most effective means for removal of the stains which are left behind on the surface of granite. The experts make use of baking soda as the primary cleaning base mixed with water for cleaning the oil-based stains. On the other hand, for dealing with other type of stains which are water-based,  hydrogen peroxide comes up as a solution. A mixture of baking soda and the liquid compound is prepared. It should be ensured that the paste is not too thick or thin. It should be just like a paste which can be applied easily on the stain and then gently scrubbed. Usually, a soft cloth is used scrubbing the surface of the natural stone. However, the process of scrubbing, reapplication, and washing off of the paste should be continued unless the stain gets lifted.

The cleaning and maintenance of granite surfaces is important to allow the surface to look sharp, clean and spotless. However, if you are looking forward to keep up the quality of the natural stone installed at your place, there are several things which you need to follow.

Sealing: Sealing the granite surfaces with a good quality impregnating sealer can work wonders against stains. However, you need to note that the sealers do not make the stone surfaces go stain-proof. It makes the surfaces resistant to stains making your cleaning process for granite surface much hassle-free.

Preventive Measures: Using coasters under glass is not just a good habit. Rather, it helps your granite countertop to stay clean and tidy and most importantly from stains of alcohol, citrus juices. You should also avoid placing hot dishes on the granite surface directly.

Regular Cleaning: It is considered as the most perfect idea to ensure that the interior granite floorings stay free from accumulations, abrasive sand, dirt or grit. When using a vacuum cleaner to get a spic and spank floor, make sure the equipment is in proper condition as issues can cause scratches on the flooring.

Mild Cleaning Agents: The granite surface usually contains certain minerals which are sensitive to acidic cleaning agents. Thus, it is directed to a wood the use of citrus or acid-based cleaning agents. Using mild cleansers is a better alternative as it does not affect the sealer and ensures a durability life of the granite surface.

However, these manual processes do fail to work in case of serious depletion of the surface. In such conditions, it becomes important to call for an expert in Singapore who can handle the cleaning process for your granite surface correctly.

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