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Carpet cleaning as we know it, is one of the major part of an interior that brings depth to the environment. They act as the perfect coating on the floor that makes the surrounding better. Similarly, in case of cars like all the many places, carpets have made their space. They have been used for decades to make your travel experience even better.

Carpets are a form of art that has been carrying on through centuries along with different traditions. They beautify them with the best of interior to make it as grand as possible. In cars they do improve the over all experience but with time they are bound to get dusty. And there is no easy way to clean the car carpets without possibly damaging and ruining its look until it is changed. Changing the entire carpet will cost more than hiring a professional in the first place.

A professional car cleaner will know to clean the carpet in your car without damaging any other parts. Imagine hiring an expert who ends up ruining your car seats while cleaning the carpets. You would not want that to happen and that is why we at Clean Worthy offer you the best deals in the region of Singapore. We care for your car as much as you do and that is why we vet only the experienced and certified car carpet cleaners.

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Carpet Stain Removal

Accidentally spill something on your carpet? CleanWorthy is your ready solution!

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet provide a comfy feeling to your customer. Leave the maintenance to CleanWorthy.

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Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleanliness is related to staffs’ heath level? Message us now!

CleanWorthy Car Carpet Cleaning Professionals

If you own a car and with time what bothers you is the interior getting dusty and there is nothing you can do about it, then call Clean Worthy. Carpet cleaning in the car is not the same as the carpet cleaning inside homes. The level of ventilation is different which makes a big difference. Our professionals know how to deal with the type of material and the type of detergents to be used.

Carpets are made with synthetic materials, especially the ones inside cars. These carpets would react differently to the cleaning agent. We make sure that the cleaning agents we use are almost neutral so that there are no damages elsewhere. Our certified professionals know how to handle various type of carpet materials including those expensive ones.

We assure full guarantee that your carpet will be clean like it was new regardless of the stains that may have been drawn to it.

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Rug Cleaning Price

Rug SizeRetail Price
XS (3ft x 5ft or Below 15sqft) $ 48.00
S (5ft x 8ft or Below 40sqft)$ 78.00
M (8ft x 10ft or Below 80sqft)$ 138.00
L (9ft x 12ft or Below 108sqft)$ 198.00
XL (12sqft x 15sqft or Below 180sqft)$ 328.00

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Hire CleanWorthy For Car Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

CleanWorthy Singapore provides car carpet cleaning service to those car owners who have been disappointed with the condition of their carpets. If you think spilling wine or coffee on your carpet while driving is an eye sore that may never go? Do not worry as our trained and expert professionals will make sure your carpet will look exactly how it used to be.Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

We even provide an on sight supervisor who makes sure your work is being completed in the most appropriate manner to keep your satisfaction guaranteed.

For bookings you can call us at +65 9194 0123 and consult with our representative. Or, you can go through our website at for a complete list of out services or email us at

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