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Why Is Limestone Floor Polishing Important

Limestone is a type of marble that is formed with extensive pressure being applied to it for hundreds of years. It is subjected to pressure, temperature and other factors that gives it a look being adored as a flooring material. Limestone is a type of marble that is made with calcium carbonate which is soft in nature. Due to this factor it can be subjected to scratches when used as a flooring material.

As a durable material limestone, floors can be stained and require special care through professionals to maintain into its original form. Limestone floor polishing is done with special chemicals in order to save it from generic acidic materials which may damage the texture.

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Limestone Floor Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, limestone floor polishing will be needed!

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Limestone Countertop Polish

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks on countertop.

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Limestone Wall Polishing

Keep your limestone wall shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Limestone Floor Polishing Tools

Limestone floor polishing requires the right tools and items to perform the job. Anything wrong may result in damaging the limestone floor. The most important tool for limestone floor polishing requires a high-powered buffing polisher. This buffing tool is equipped with three grit sizes, small, medium and high grit size. These grits are used in different processes of the limestone and other marble polishing process. 


Limestone Floor Polishing Process

Before the polishing process of marble begins, it is vital to smooth out the floor using a grinding machine. It is done to smooth out the edges that will be needed to bring the original in the process of limestone floor polishing. Moving further from this step, honing is carried out to smooth out the nooks and crannies which helps in getting rid of the stains.

Once this is done, then the polishing process is done with different sized grits. The grit is changed to a higher range until a smooth and glistening effect is seen. Soon after, the buffing is carried with the finest grit so that the shine of marble is seen. Based on the budget and the package, our expert technicians can put a crystallization coat for a radiant look.

In order to provide a protective coat to the shining polished limestone floor a sealant is used which provides extra lifespan to the stone floor.


Our Experienced & Certified Limestone Floor Polishers

With time and awareness, most people are appreciating the texture and outlook of natural stone. These natural stones are being seen in residential areas, hotels and other public and private areas. Marble floors are delicate and not easy to maintain. Marble flooring such as granite and limestone are not weather resistant and are prone to be damaged in rough conditions. This is where our expertise will come in handy.

Our expert and certified floor polishing technicians know the right procedure for your stone floor. With the expert opinion and vast experience, CleanWorthy will make sure that your floor will retain its natural beauty with no sign of any stain or deterioration. 


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Limestone Floor Polishing Service Just a Call Away

If you think managing and planning out a floor servicing day is too much to handle, then let us help you out. As complicated as it may seem, CleanWorthy Singapore has got you covered to provide the best service available. Our team of expert technicians will come to the location and analyze the treatment the limestone floor may require. We can provide urgent service as well which may be subjected to extra charges and availability provided.

Our team focuses on satisfying the customer with transparency in terms of material, pricing and the time taken to complete the job. You can log on to our website to book the appointment or call us on our hotline: +65 9194 0123 to let us help you out.

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