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Singapore belong to the tropical region is often hot and humid which makes the air conditioners as one of the most important electrical equipment. It helps to cool down the premises, eases out the discomfort of ease and helps in aiding a good sleep. Like the other electrical equipment, air conditioners are bound to get spoiled with time which calls for repair as it will save a lot of money instead of getting a new unit.

Repairing an air conditioner is not an easy task and definitely not a DIY strategy capable. As tough as it may seem and how impossible it may sound, the professionals at Clean Worthy can make sure your air conditioning unit is repaired and working like its new. Some times, the issues are just minor such as the chances of dirt in the air filters, trapped trash in the outer unit etc.

These elements around your air conditioners can lead to disruption in your unit and eventually costing you to either change it or sit in frustration.

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Chemical Wash

Through chemical wash is needed sometime, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready!

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Aircon Maintenance

CleanWorthy recommend to service Aircon regularly to keep it well maintained for better air quality.

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Aircon Leaking

Are there water leaking out from your aircon? Message us now!

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Aircon Not Cold

There are many possible reason for Aircon Not Cold, CleanWorthy aircon team is ready to help!

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Aircon Repair

Your aircon is not functioning as per suppose to? Let CleanWorthy repair it.

The Importance of Air Conditioning Repair

As we know that the air conditioners are used widely around the households and office spaces, the right way to service your unit is by calling a professional.

It is the only electrical equipment that can ease the suffering of a hot and not so windy day in Singapore. Withe usage of air conditioner on a daily basis can lead to problems in the future that may disrupt the efficiency.

Air conditioner repair requires a set of rules which are needed to be followed to make sure the unit does not get damaged even further. Clean Worthy makes sure these rules and regulations are followed; while you can rest and let us handle the repairing process. We take pride in making sure your electrical appliance is working again, in its optimum condition, with efficiency like its new and reduction in electrical bills.

Our professionals focus on utilizing the minimum space and prefer to use the right tools for the job. We hire certified professionals with a thorough background check in order to have a surety that our staff is well-trusted. Our staff will make sure that our pricing tier is in complete transparency to avoid any communication barriers.

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Hire CleanWorthy For Aircon Repair Today

CleanWorthy Singapore provides air conditioner repairing and maintenance service in a very comprehensive manner to make sure that the air conditioner is working in its full capacity without any delays and disruptions. A clean and maintained air conditioner provides a sense of comfort that may not be achieved if your air conditioner is not working fine. 

You can trust our expert judgement in identifying the air conditioner repairing that may be required in providing you with your needs.We even provide an on sight supervisor who makes sure your work is being completed in the most appropriate manner to keep your satisfaction guaranteed.

For bookings you can call us at +65 9194 0123 and consult with our representative. Or, you can go through our website at for a complete list of out services or email us at

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