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Marble is a classic addition to your kitchen and beautifies your home as a great décor. Although it is aesthetic in terms of design, it is prone to damage and scratches very easily. This makes it challenging to maintain and, demands an expert team to restore the lost looks in the marble countertop, kitchen top or vanity top.

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Marble Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, marble polishing will be needed!

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Marble Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Marble Maintenance

Keep your marble shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Feel the Difference in Your Marbles by Availing Marble Restoration Services at CleanWorthy Singapore

CleanWorthy is a one-stop destination for all your marble countertop restoration services by meeting all your requirements.  We extend our repair services to your marble countertop needs wherever it may be either home or commercial.

We are a dedicated team of marble flooring and restoration firm who, help in maintaining the beauty of your marble surface by correcting the problems and leaving a lustrous finish to the floor.


About Marble Restoration at CleanWorthy

Clean Worthy’s marble restoration process entails professional touch-ups on cracked flooring which may cover chip-off’s, scratches, tough stains, moisture gathering on flooring, and wear and tear in a jammed area.

The process of restoration involves essential steps like cleaning, honing, polishing, buffing, and resealing. We aim at cleaning your marble countertops without causing any further damage to your floor surface.


How Well We Achieve the Restoration Process at CleanWorthy?

As a first step, our experts use a unique marble stone cleaner and scrub gently on the marble countertop. The cleaner is then cut off with a neat cloth.

Next, masking tape is sealed over the scraped surface. Generally, a five centimetres gap is left between the work area and the masking tape on all sides. Then the process of honing begins which, involves sanding the marble surface to remove the tough stains and scratches at once. This helps in attaining a uniform marble surface.

After completing the above steps, polishing is done with a low-speed polisher. Initially, we apply a coarse grit diamond pad and start gradually and, progress towards the other side keeping up the alignment. We usually make use of three pads of different varieties to complete the polishing process.

The fourth step comprises buffing which involves applying a chemical agent to your marble surface that eliminates tough stains and scratches. This process adds more value to your marbles by making them stable and more receptive to any other damages in the future.

The final step is to coat the marble countertop with a quality marble sealant. This is done as a protective measure to seal the pores in the marble stone and, makes your marble surface water-resistant.

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Reach Us for a Better Service

Don’t postpone to service your marble surface as it may become time-consuming to restore them the more you delay. Restoring a marble countertop requires so much patience and attention to detail. You will need expert’s assistance to achieve this at ease.

We at CleanWorthy are available for you and, extend our help in making your marble countertop redefined. Our team of experts are experienced enough to complete the entire restoration process is not more than a day.

Connect with us on our hotline number +6591940123 to serve you better.


We Employ Quality Tools for the Restoration Process

CleanWorthy keeps its high standards by using efficient and professional tools, techniques, and chemicals to restore the lost look of marble flooring, surfaces, and countertops.

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our experts in renovating the marble surfaces and countertops of your home.


We Value Our Customers

At Clean Worthy, customers are our top priority and, we promise to provide quality marble restoration services that will delight our customers. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and we strive hard in achieving a strong customer base.


Get in Touch with Us

Booking a marble restoration service with CleanWorthy is very easy. All you need to do is log in to and submit your enquiry along with your mobile number. Our customer support team will reach you and, book the appointment for you based on the availability of our technicians.

We promise to resolve your get back to you within 3 days from the time of submit your enquiry.

We do accept urgent marble and flooring services with an additional surcharge.

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