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Get a well-polished Onyx vanity top in your home in a simple way

Vanity tops are cousins to your counter-tops, beautiful when placed in a room to add decor and elegance to your dream set room. Vanity tops are what adds the aura to your room, bathroom or office. in an added effort to look the part, vanity tops are what you need to give a touch of the next generation of design. Vanity tops are for your everyday use so that you can keep your handy stuff at an easy and accessible place, in your room or your dressing room. Moreover, these vanity tops add up an elegant touch and flavor of classy decoration to the room setting.

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Onyx Floor Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, onyx floor polishing will be needed!

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Onyx Countertop Polish

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks on countertop.

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Onyx Wall Polishing

Keep your onyx wall shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Why is regular Cleaning & Polishing of Onyx Vanity Tops so vital?

As Onyx by character retains fluids, it is imperative to clean up spills as soon as possible.  Proper care should be taken to avoid causing damage or scratches on the surface while undertaking the cleaning task. This is one of the prime reasons why calling for professional cleaning and restoration services in Singapore is taken up as a better option. When cleaning Onyx surfaces we should be careful not to spray or pour cleaning liquids directly onto the surface. It is best to spray cleaning agent onto a fine cloth, preferably cotton, and then using it to wipe the surface clean.

Onyx can be described as a translucent rock. This means that the stone allows more light to pass through it than any other characteristic stones. While this makes it a gorgeous surface, it also brings along challenges like concealing stains and scratches. Thus, it’s best to use a cutting board when preparing food on an onyx vanity-top. Like marble or other serpentine surfaces, onyx also gets hold of the scratches easily. So, some extra care should be taken with how the surface is used.


Fix the lusterless onyx vanity top at your space with some experts

Your onyx vanity top can be maintained by very simple steps. Getting it polished regularly at a fixed interval of time serves as an easy solution to retain the shine and luster of your onyx vanity top in Singapore. Calling for professionals is considered as a better choice because they own a great deal of knowledge in dealing with these strong yet delicate surfaces. These experts usually make use of modern technologies and tools for undertaking the cleaning, sealing, restoration and finally the polishing procedures.

If you have a vanity top made out of onyx installed at your place or you are looking forward to get one, make sure you keep the number of a reputed cleaning and restoration service handy. Well, there are several agencies like Clean Worthy in Singapore.

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Reputed Onyx Polishing, Cleaning and Restoration Services at your fingertips

However, at Clean Worthy, we look forward to serve you in the best possible way, providing end to end satisfaction. Our team of professionals own great experience in this field and this aim towards giving their best by leaving behind speckless and shiny floors, countertops and walls at your home. To avail our services, you can visit our website and get the booking done based on your schedule. We would love to serve you.

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