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Marbles are precious natural stones embraced by everyone in their homes in polishing. Clean Worthy is an expert in stone care and marble polishing and, you can trust our professionalism which will speak volumes about our service.

Clean Worthy, a Singapore based marble repair specialists have been involved in floor restoration and marble polishing services. The company accepts all requests for both home-based and commercial operations and, executes the marble polishing at ease.

Marbles are still winning the hearts of many people due to their exquisite design and stylish look.

Marble flooring and marble countertops are a blissful addition to your home as they adorn your homes and, impresses anyone walking into your home. Off course, they demand so much maintenance and, if the problems are not fixed immediately it may ruin your marble permanently costing your hard-earned money.

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Marble Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, marble polishing will be needed!

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Marble Restoration

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks and more.

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Marble Maintenance

Keep your marble shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Services Offered at CleanWorthy Singapore

  • Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration.
  • Granite Floor Polishing and Restoration.
  • Marble floor maintenance for shopping complexes.
  • Marble stone Cleaning and Sealing.
  • Mosaic Floor Polishing

We restore Your Marbles with Hardcore Stains and Etches

Marbles are naturally porous and not very compatible with water. The hot and humid climate in Singapore is not favourable for marbles. If wetness is observed and, left unattended in marble floors or countertops there are chances that it may burst affecting the surrounding stones.

Marble is very sensitive to stains too. Thus, preserving these natural stones from any kind of damage is challenging. We at Clean Worthy are available to help you anytime in recovering your marbles by honing them to provide that glossy look.

Our marble polishing service is satisfactory and, guides you with precautionary measures in preserving your marble floor.

We Never Disturb You

Clean Worthy is a professional cleaning and polishing company with skilled technicians. We also assure you that our work will be done with least disturbance at your comfort possible.

Reasons to Choose Clean Worthy Over Other Experts in Singapore

  • We are available at your convenience.
  • We charge you fairly.
  • Our service is prompt and hassle-free.
  • We value our customers more than anything.
  • We provide easy appointments.
  • We are transparent.
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Call us Anytime for Marble Related Restoration Services in Singapore

It is easy to book an appointment for your service with us. Just call us on our hotline number +65 9194 0123 to make use of our timely service.

We promise to attend your problems as soon as possible. However, we may attend sooner sometimes based on the availability of our experts.


Book Your Marble Polishing Service Via Online

We are flexible and, open for service requests through our website too. All you have to do is log in to our website at and go to the contact us section. Fill in the mandatory details like your name, address, phone number along with the nature of your problem. We would revert to you in the shortest possible time and, resolve your marble related problems.


We Value Your Feedbacks at Clean Worthy

We value our customers and, so your feedback is very important to us in knowing how we served you.

In the Testimonial section of our website, please feel free to drop your comments along with your name.


Get in Touch With our Support Team

Drop us an email at in case of any concerns or queries. Our customer support team would be glad to help you with a possible solution.


We accept Urgent Services

CleanWorthy is a customer-oriented company in Singapore and we understand your urgent demands and serve you on time. We charge you only with an additional surcharge.

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