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Onyx belongs to the agate family. It is a semi-precious stone that has characteristic watermarks, that are often grouped in the form of translucent waves. One of the most defining characteristics of the white onyx is in its  naïve appearance. It is a concept that all designers have perfectly captured and utilised.The bright and delicate nature of This Onyx makes it a popular option in Singapore . Onyx tables bring in added, aesthetic and economic value to spaces  . They are synonymous to good taste, but also with a very high valuation in the luxury real estate market.

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Onyx Floor Polishing

After years of usage, even with good care, onyx floor polishing will be needed!

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Onyx Countertop Polish

Restoration is the answer for scratch, chip off, stain, etched marks on countertop.

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Onyx Wall Polishing

Keep your onyx wall shine is relaying on good care and maintenance.

Invite exotic flavour in your living space with onyx tables

The idea of having an Onyx table is one thing and the other face of the coin is maintenance. A single stain becomes an eye sore and its and bits of damages here and there are a part and parcel of the day. onyx is a soft and  brittle stone and should be carefully evaluated and handled for  use. An onyx table is translucent and thus light transmits through it. Often, onyx is backlit to take advantage of this unique property as it makes a dramatic backsplash material. With this effect your home or office will not only look good but also attract a lot of attention.

While Onyx table tops look their part its also a maintenance behemoth ,so how to achieve this breakthrough in preservation, by a couple of very simple and efficient steps . But first it is essential to know what it is ;the once-obscure mineral travertine is now a mainstay for flooring, wall etc. Its formation makes it vulnerable to stains and etchings. Calcium being the primary constituent of the rock it reacts with a variety of fluids such as milk ,wine or any hard cleaning fluid. Thus, care needs to be taken when dealing with it on a regular basis whether its usage or maintenance.


Retain the beauty of your table with professional polishing service

Onyx tables require special care to retain their beauty, polishing at regular intervals keeps the surface clean and free of residue and unwanted marks. Onyx must be sealed upon installation and re-sealed at regular intervals, and suggestably polished occasionally. If there are spills, the stone should be cleaned. To keep your onyx table in the very best of condition make sure to have it installed and polished by a professional with experience. There are a number of agencies in Singapore providing top notch cleaning and tile restoration services.

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