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Beautifying your home with a well woven carpet that matches with your interior is the perfect addition to the interior of the house. Carpets have been around in home since before the bronze age as they were used for covering the ground to walk with ease. Even though there have been alternates to carpets in the form of marble flooring but the charm of a woven carpet can never be replaced.

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Carpet Stain Removal

Accidentally spill something on your carpet? CleanWorthy is your ready solution!

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet provide a comfy feeling to your customer. Leave the maintenance to CleanWorthy.

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Carpet cleanliness is related to staffs’ heath level? Message us now!

Clean Worthy Home Carpet Cleaning Service

There are people who would still prefer to maintain a carpet for its beauty and the depth it brings instead of utilizing modern day flooring. Carpets are a form of art that has been carrying on through centuries along with different traditions. They beautify them with the best of interior to make it as grand as possible. Though, there are a lot of challenges in maintaining a carpet at home.

Home carpet cleaning is a necessity as it draws dust. This dust can form dust mites which eventually causes allergies to humans in the form of rash and respiratory issues. In order to cover up this issue, you should call a professional from CleanWorthy who are experts in dealing with any sort of carpet related cleaning. A professional cleaner will know to clean the carpet in your home without damaging any other parts.

CleanWorthy has been active in cleaning and maintenance jobs in Singapore for over a decade. With their right experience and the crew that can perform the cleaning process on your home carpet without and making sure that no moisture is left. Carpets are expensive and there are special cleaning agents that are specific for these carpets.

Every carpet is made with different material and it requires care of its own.  

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Rug Cleaning Price

Rug SizeRetail Price
XS (3ft x 5ft or Below 15sqft) $ 48.00
S (5ft x 8ft or Below 40sqft)$ 78.00
M (8ft x 10ft or Below 80sqft)$ 138.00
L (9ft x 12ft or Below 108sqft)$ 198.00
XL (12sqft x 15sqft or Below 180sqft)$ 328.00

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CleanWorthy Singapore provides carpet cleaning service at affordable cost and with just a phone call. You might think that the food and dirt stains have made the carpets look old and ugly.The shoes of visitors or the family members carry dust and dirt that not only dulls the carpet but also stains it.Do not worry as our trained and expert professionals will make sure your carpet will look exactly how it used to be.Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

We even provide an on sight supervisor who makes sure your work is being completed in the most appropriate manner to keep your satisfaction guaranteed.

For bookings you can call us at +65 9194 0123 and consult with our representative. Or, you can go through our website at for a complete list of out services or email us at

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