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Why you should hire CleanWorthy blinds cleaning services

Window blinds are wonderful decorative items in your house. In fact, they block harmful sun rays and offer privacy and they also improve the look and appearance of your house. However, the house owners often forget that they accumulate dust and allergens and they need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

These products are made up of multiple slats and lots of moving parts that are susceptible to dust accumulation. Blinds serve the purpose of curtains but are more sophisticated. You will get many cleaning companies on Facebook but CleanWorthy is there to offer you the most reliable blinds cleaning services in Singapore.

If you want to clean your house’s window blinds, you must take the help of a professional blinds cleaning service provider. A few people are reluctant to hire professional services because they want to perform the task themselves. The involvement of a professional blinds cleaner is highly desirable.

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Regular Cleaning Services

Clean your house regularly. Keep you and your family healthy!

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Spring Cleaning Services

Spring clean your house time to time, CleanWorthy is here to support.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Completed your tenancy and need a cleaning before handover? Message us.

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Post Renovation Cleaning Services

After renovation and want a through cleaning before move in? Call us now.

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Barbecue Cleaning Services

Enjoying the barbecue. Leave your cleaning to CleanWorthy.

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Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

Keep kitchen hood at home clean. A healthier family!

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Oven Cleaning Services

You take care the baking. CleanWorthy take care the cleaning.

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Toilet Cleaning Services

Dirty grout, floor and rust stain is common in house toilet. Call CleanWorthy!

We save your time as well as energy

If you are a workaholic, then you must hire a company for cleaning the items. There are different types of products available on the market. At CleanWorthy, we involve latest tools and techniques and manage the cleaning task efficiently.


We offer quality services

Our professional staffs do not waste time to deliver quality service to our customers. Whether you want to clean the venetian blinds or wash the wood blinds, we clean everything quickly to avoid inconveniencing you. Clean window blinds improve the interior decoration of any house. Cleaning allows light inside your house and improves the appearance of the house.


We use a hygienic process

Many people think that cleaning service companies do not use proper techniques. An unhygienic cleaning method increases health risk. Our goal is to use the right method and retain the look and appearance of your house.


Multiple techniques

At CleanWorthy, we employ diverse techniques for home cleaning. For instance, the technique applied in cleaning venetian blinds is not similar to that applied for cleaning wood blinds. If you wish to have spotless windows, then you must recruit an expert cleaning company. When you buy new products for windows you will find them clean and glossy. But after some time they look dull and shabby. Proper cleaning by an expert company in Singapore is necessary.


We risk on your behalf

You do not have to take the trouble to clean the products as a proficient technician can perform the task on your behalf. The cleaning technique is safe and it does not impose health hazards to the users. You do not have to risk cleaning them yourself. You can relax while we do the blind cleaning job.

Roller Blinds Cleaning Price

Roller Blinds QuantityRetail Price
1 pcs $ 108.00
2 pcs$ 178.00
3 pcs$ 248.00
4 pcs$ 328.00
5 pcs$ 408.00

  • Any edge of the blinds is longer than 2m, it is considered as 2 pcs of blinds.

Strip Blinds Cleaning Price

Strip Blind QuantityRetail Price
1 pcs $ 158.00
2 pcs$ 268.00
3 pcs$ 378.00
4 pcs$ 498.00
5 pcs$ 618.00

  • Any edge of the blinds is longer than 2m, it is considered as 2 pcs of blinds.

Curtain On The Spot Cleaning Price

Curtain TypeRetail Price (per pcs)
Day Curtain$ 28.00
Night Curtain$ 48.00
Blackout Curtain$ 58.00

  • Any edge of the curtain is longer than 2m, it is considered as 2 pcs of blinds.
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Frequent Ask Questions

Preps Before The Cleaning

What do I need to prep before CleanWorthy Cleaning Crew arrives?

  • Ensure that there are water and electricity supply.
  • Please have at least one representative at the venue to unlock the door and overlook the clean process.
  • Clearing the space around the mattress would be helpful to ensure that our cleaning crews can clean at their full potential without having to worry about knocking a thousand year old vase to the ground.

How often should I deep clean my mattress?

  • A mattress should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months.

Do I send over the mattress?

  • You can send over the mattress, we even offer pick up services.
  • But, most importantly, we provide on the spot cleaning services.
  • Your choice, at your own convenience.

How will my mattress be cleaned?

  • Deep extraction method, removes stains efficiently.
  • Sanitizer and detergent will be first sprayed on your mattress, then be extracted out.
  • This process will then be repeated until all possible dirt and stains are being removed.

Affordable service

Blind cleaning requires high quality tools and techniques to accomplish the task quickly. Starting from ladder, scrapper to the brushes, the provider uses different types of cutting edge devices. When you clean them, you have to buy these costly devices. The purchase of tools would cost you more money than hiring our staff for blind cleaning purpose.

Whether you wish to clean your double storied building or wash your penthouse, hiring CleanWorthy experienced blind cleaning service is the best option for you. We offer safe, practical, and quality solutions. Plus, we offer the service that fits your bill and meets your requirements.

You only need to contact us online because it as easy as 123…  You are free to call or email us any time of the day. We deliver our unique services to all cities in Singapore.

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