Leather sofa or a fabric sofa- this is a question every homeowner ponders about when he or she thinks of buying a couch. Are you also thinking the same? Bringing home a new sofa is a big moment, as the couch will play a big role in defining the ambiance of your living home. But selecting that one sofa that will ultimately make its way to your home needs a lot of brainstorming. Which store you should buy it from, what size and shape will suit your living space, how much you should spend on it, etc. And many of us get stuck at one point- whether to go for a fabric sofa or a leather sofa.

Leather Sofa VS Fabric Sofa, Which Is Better? 1
Let us compare the two sofas on different factors so that it’s easier for you to make an informed decision-
(i) Durability- Let’s talk about durability first, as buying a sofa is a big investment. On this count, the leather sofa seems to fare better than its fabric counterpart. A good quality leather sofa is less vulnerable to wear and tear, and its color and sheen are long-lasting too. However, don’t expect these qualities from a cheap, poor quality leather sofa as poor quality leather will dry out and crack in places soon.

(ii) Comfort- In the hot and humid climate of Singapore, comfort is a key factor that you should take into account while investing in new furniture. A leather couch will get heated up soon and it will feel warm when you sit on it. So if you are planning to keep the sofa in a space that is not properly cooled, you should prefer a fabric sofa that is made of a breathable fabric.

(iii) Maintenance- If the idea of maintaining a sofa sounds like a headache to you, stay away from the fabric sofa. It is easier to wipe off dust and spills from a leather sofa. A fabric sofa gathers dust which is a bit difficult to remove and demand regular vacuuming. Also, it is tough to remove stains from a fabric sofa. On the count of maintenance, a leather sofa is a winner.

(iv) Budget- Budget is a key factor in making a big purchase. There are many categories and price ranges for both leather and fabric sofas. However, if we compare a good-quality fabric and leather sofa of similar shape and size, of course, the leather one will come with a more expensive price tag. And we would not recommend you to buy a cheap, knock-off leather to save money as it will start showing signs of damage pretty soon.

Whether you buy a fabric sofa or a leather one, we would urge you to invest in good quality furniture. If leather is your choice, then you are likely to pay more for it.

(v) Aesthetics- A good-quality leather couch comes in classy but limited colors. By choosing a color that goes well with your interiors, you can add a touch of elegance to your living space. However, the range of colors is unlimited in the fabric sofa. There is no end to colors, prints, and patterns that can be found on a fabric sofa.

(vi) Safety- Sofas gather dust and one might not even realize that. While it is easier to clean dust, pet dander, etc. from a leather sofa, removing it from a fabric sofa is tough. No, your fabric sofa won’t harm you, but the accumulated dust and dirt can affect people with allergy issues. So if allergies are a concern for you or someone in the family, avoid a fabric sofa and opt for a leather one.

Both fabric and leather sofas have their own advantages and downsides, and we cannot outrightly say that one is better than the other. You need to weigh their merits and demerits against your needs and requirements. And no matter which sofa you buy, don’t neglect it after bringing home. Maintain a cleaning schedule and call home a professional upholstery cleaner once in a year if you want a clean and durable sofa.

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