If you want to add a touch of opulence to your home while maximizing comfort, a leather sofa is a great purchase. Nothing spells luxury better in a house than a leather sofa, and that is why they are so popular in Singapore. There are many leather sofa brands available in Singapore. When you are done for the day, you can just relax on your beloved leather couch and catch up on the daily news! Or spend some quiet time with your significant other. A sofa is not just an expensive piece of furniture, it is the place where we spend important moments in our home life!

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However, buying a sofa can be a bit mind-boggling some times. You have to choose one among many options available- based on different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. It has to be approved by all your family members. Since you have to make many considerations before bringing home a new sofa, you need to zero in on a reliable brand too! If you are wondering about where to buy your dream leather sofa in Singapore, read on to know some of the trusted names we have compiled for you-

(i) Castilla– If you love and can afford the luxury, Castilla is your place! They have been in Singapore for over thirty years, and they are well known for their premium modern designer sofas. Castilla imports its sofas directly from Europe, and each piece radiates sophistication!

(ii) Cellina– Cellina has a lot to offer for lovers of modern and contemporary designs. They have adapted old-world craftsmanship to create beautiful sofas in modern designs. Moreover, they also offer home packages for those who want additional furniture or décor pieces along with a sofa.

(iii) Etch & Bolts– If you want an opulent sofa that is customized according to your requirement, let the good folks at Etch & Bolts help you out. The store is known for its sofas and solid wood furniture customizations. If you want a made-to-measure sofa, this is your place to go. Etch & Bolts also rope in local designers, so we can say that the store has retained the essence of craftsmanship!

(iv) HipVan– Do you want a leather sofa with a hip design, but no idea where to look for it? The answer is HipVan. As the name reflects, it offers sofas in hip designs and affordable prices, along with many other home décor stuff.

(v) Boconcept– Furniture with Nordic aesthetics is another rage in Singapore. If you want a leather sofa with Danish looks, a trip to Boconcept is a must. The sofas at Boconcept are modular, which means you have the freedom to mix and match sofa components.

(vi) Lorenzo– Lorenzo enjoys a very strong reputation when it comes to quality. Most sofa brands will give you a one year warranty, but Lorenzo offers a five year warranty period on its sofas. Also, they have a wide range of recliner sofas available.

A leather sofa is a good purchase if you have some money to spare. A leather sofa is easier to clean as compared to its fabric counterpart. And it lasts much longer while retaining its original appeal.

If you want your precious purchase to look brand new for many years, stick to a cleaning schedule. Taking care of your leather sofa should include a DIY routine that involves removing dust, crumbs, pet hair, etc. And you must call home a professional leather upholstery cleaner once in a year to have your leather sofa deep-cleaned. If you have kids or pets at home, call the cleaning technicians twice a year.

By investing in a reliable brand and paying attention to its maintenance, be assured that your leather couch will your adorn home for a long time.

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