It is very common for homeowners to opt for carpet flooring these days. Do you instantly want to hype up your home’s decor? Well, carpet flooring is a hot option. There is no denying the fact that a beautiful carpet can instantly make your home look classy and stylish.

However, it’s also true that carpet flooring comes with its own set of problems. You may think that it is enough to vacuum clean the carpet once a week but actually, it is not! Vacuum cleaning may remove the dirt but for removing the fungus, bacteria, smoke, pollen and other harmful chemicals, you need some deep carpet cleaning.


A simple area-specific Google search such as carpet cleaning services Singapore or home cleaning services Singapore may help you get a list of the top carpet cleaning services providers near you, but you need to make a wise choice here, so you don’t end up wasting your time, money, energy and effort. Here are some quick tips to help you hire the best carpet cleaner for your home! Read ahead.

Affordable May Not Always Be the Best!
Do you also look for the most affordable option while searching for carpet cleaners for your home? In case you are, you may be in for a ride, because the most affordable option may not be the best option.

Service providers that offer the services at discounted rates often use poor quality cleaning products and do not have a well-trained staff. Thus, you may even end up damaging your carpet permanently this way. Pricing may play an important role but definitely not a decisive role.

Know What You are Signing-up for
As much as they may seem but no two cleaning service providers are the same. All the companies have a process of their own. While some may use strong detergents, others may use gentle products (good for your carpet’s health).

Communication is the key here. Shortlist a few companies and discuss the exact process and products they intend to use on your carpets. It’s advisable to proceed only when you are convinced enough. Also, it is a good idea to go online and review the provider’s website and customer testimonials.

Talk About Cleaning Supplies
While you are discussing terms with your potential carpet cleaner, make sure you talk to them about what supplies they plan to use for carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning products often have a lot of chemicals and not all of them are safe and healthy for your carpet. Using very strong products may even lead to permanent damage.

Enquire About The Employees
One of the most important tips that can help select the best carpet cleaner company is to check whether they are certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) or not. IICRC is a reputed organization that certifies carpet cleaners.

If the carpet cleaner you are thinking about hiring is certified, you should go ahead and hire them because this certification is not something every other cleaner can get! Having this certification means that the organization (and its technicians) follow a rigorous set of standards in expertise and business ethics and are highly professional.

Contract Terms
Finally, it is crucial to sign a proper contract before getting the carpet cleaning work started. Get a proper contract that has all the relevant details such as the estimated duration of the carpet cleaning project, entire cost and remedial measures to be undertaken in case the carpet or anything else in the home gets damaged, etc.

We do not recommend signing a long term contract in the first go, because you never know what it is like to deal with them. A nice website or excellent Google reviews do not guarantee that the service provider will do their job fine. Thus, it is always advisable to enter into a short term contract and keep extending it in case things work out well.

These were some quick tips and tricks that can quickly help you hire the best carpet cleaning service provider. Google search terms such as carpet cleaning services Singapore or home cleaning services Singapore can help you shortlist a few companies, but the final call is yours. Looking for the best carpet cleaning services in Singapore? Well, this one here may be of some help. Good luck with the search!

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