Bringing home a brand new leather sofa is exciting- after all, there can be nothing more luxurious and comfortable in the living room than a leather couch. An opulent leather sofa comes with an expensive price tag, so it becomes all the more important to make it last longer.

The entire family loves the couch, and so does the visitors. This leaves your leather sofa exposed to dust, stains, etc. which can leave your battered and bruised.

How To Maintain A Leather Sofa? 1

However, leather is a hardy material, and if you take good care of it, it would age well and look better with time. But if you neglect your leather sofa, it would start showing signs of wear and tear sooner. You need to spend some time in its regular upkeep to keep it clean and maintain its glorious look.

If you too have a beautiful and expensive leather couch adorning your living room, then you must learn a few tips and tricks that will preserve the look and the quality of your sofa in the long run. Read on to know what you should do to maintain a leather sofa-
(i) When it comes to cleaning your leather sofa, ensure that you clean every part of your sofa. If you clean only parts of it, there will be a slight visible change in color.

(ii) Use a vacuum and remove any crumbs that might be present on the sofa. Equip your vacuum with a soft brush to remove dust from corners. You can also use a soft, dry cloth to remove loose dust from the sofa. Remember to remove the cushions and clean the undersides too.

(iii) Once you have cleaned the loose dust, take a damp cloth and wipe the leather upholstery. It is suggested that you use distilled water in place of tap water if possible. This is because the chlorine in tap water can cause the discoloration of the leather. It is advisable to first test a small patch of the sofa and see how it reacts with water. And please don’t soak your sofa leather in water, as excess water is not good for leather.

(iv) If there is a stain on the sofa, use the damp cloth and rub around the stain in small circles to remove it. You can also mix a bit of soap in warm water if you need to remove a stain.

(v) Once you are done, please make sure that your sofa is completely dried before you keep back the cushions or use it again. If moisture stays for too long on leather, it weakens the material.

(vi) When you spill or drop something on your sofa, be quick to contain the spill or remove the stuff that you have dropped on your sofa with a clean, dry cloth. The longer you leave it as it’s, the difficult it will get to remove it.

Follow these do-it-yourself methods on your leather sofa with great care. Do not rub too hard or use too much water on your sofa. And please do not experiment with cleaning agents available in the market- they may cause the leather to crack and dry. Moreover, it is important to get your sofa cleaned by a professional cleaner at regular intervals.

Sofa cleaning technicians know how to treat your leather sofa right- they are equipped with the right cleaning agents that will work wonders for your sofa, and they know the right way to care for it. For a light-colored leather sofa, call home a cleaning expert every once in six months. For a dark-colored couch, hiring professional upholstery cleaning services once a year is sufficient.

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