When you are planning and setting up a new office space, the expense on the furniture makes up a sizable chunk of the budget. And if you want an office that impresses your clients and customers, while offering the best comfort to your employees, you will surely go for the best office furniture available. As much as investing in good furniture and making a good selection is important, keeping the furniture clean and sparkling is necessary.

Clean chairs and tables reflect a productive work environment- it impresses the visitors and boost the morale of the employees. While your office cleaning staff might pay proper attention to the floors, the furniture, especially office chairs, maybe suffering neglect. The chairs can accumulate layers of dust and grime if you avoid their upkeep. Also, office chairs may have different parts- like a swivel chair has moving parts, or an upholstered chair will have leather or fabric- and these parts need to be dealt with differently.

How To Maintain Office Chairs 1

For good office hygiene, it is essential to understand how to keep the chairs clean. If you have a big office space with a dedicated office staff, the same needs to be communicated to them. Let us have a look at some tips which can help you maintain the clean look and hygiene of your office chairs-

(i) Maintain the upholstered part by removing the dust regularly. Use a soft dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner for fabric upholstery. You can also use a damp wet cloth to clean leather upholstery, after removing dust with a dry cloth or a vacuum.

(ii) Chairs and other furniture with leather upholstery should be kept near windows or other places that receive direct rays of the sun, as it can lead to discoloration of the leather.

(iii) There might be dirt hiding in areas that are not visible, and the moving parts of the chair. Turn the chair upside down to clean it from underneath. If you have swivel chairs, you need to pay special attention to the wheels where dust can accumulate.

(iv) If something spills on the office chair, make sure it is contained immediately. This will prevent the spill from spreading out and causing an even bigger stain. Let your cleaning professional deal with it.

Offices have many people flocking the premises, which means a lot of dirt and dust find its way inside, also settles on the furniture. Hence it is essential to chalk out a cleaning schedule with a professional cleaning service. A reputed and experienced cleaning services company has technicians who are well versed in the furniture cleaning process. They know what cleaning solution to use on what furniture, and they execute their job without creating any disturbance to the work going around them.

For a commercial space like an office, a contract-based cleaning service with a reputed name is an ideal option, as you will need professional cleaning done at regular intervals of time for your office furniture, windows, flooring, etc. If you choose our cleaning services, be assured that your office chair will stay clean and look new, without your office activities getting disrupted.

It is also worth noting that prevention is better than cure. While a cleaning schedule that includes the upkeep of office chairs and services of a professional cleaner can help those chairs stay clean and sparkling, the onus of keeping the chairs clean falls on the users too, that is, the employees. Your employees come in direct contact with the chair, so by maintaining good personal hygiene, they can help keep it clean. Whenever a spill occurs on their chair, they should contain it with a tissue and inform the person responsible for office cleanliness immediately so that stain removal can be carried out without delay.
A clean office is a testimony to a strong work-culture and a healthy work environment. So make sure your client doesn’t think poorly of you by looking at your dirt-coated chair!


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