Stains- the word itself is a nightmare come true for most homeowners. After all, a clean home is a source of gratification for Singapore homeowners. They make sure that their floors are squeaky clean, their countertops are shiny, and their vanity tops are pristine. But when it comes to cleaning upholstery, many people struggle. As most of us are not aware of how to clean it without causing any damage to the material.

Three Common Stubborn Stains On Fabric Sofa 1

Couch is the place where most of us stretch our backs after a long day of work. Needless to say, this is also the place that gets dirty easily. The sofa bears a layer of dirt and dust, sometimes which is not even evident to the proud owners. However, when the beauty of a sofa is marred by tough and ugly stains, one might resort to cleaning hacks that damage the sofa fabric.

Let’s discuss three of the common stubborn stains that can mar the look of your sofa, and what can you do about them.

  • Wine and Bloodstains– You had probably called your friends over for the weekend. You were pausing in between the conversion, taking small sips from the glass of wine in your hand. Suddenly your cat decides to hop on you from nowhere and all the wine is on your beloved couch! Sounds scary, right?

Blood is probably the last thing that you want on the fabric of your couch. An accidental cut, a leak during your period, etc. can leave bloodstains on your couch.

Whenever such a thing happens, take a tissue and absorb the stain with it as much as possible. This will stop the stain from spreading out on the fabric.

Refrain from using any solvent from the market on your sofa. Instead of removing the stain properly, you are likely to damage its fabric.

Get in touch with a professional sofa cleaning service as soon as possible. Professional cleaners are equipped with the right techniques and cleaning agents to remove these stains from your sofa, and the sooner you call them, the better will be the removal of these stains.

  • Food stains and Urine Stain– The horror doesn’t stop here. Let’s discuss two more scary stains, that are food stains and urine stains. Food stains on the couch are very common. Imagine your little one turning a bowl of ketchup-laden pasta on the couch. Or worse, your infant pees on your couch in the middle of a diaper change.

Food and urine stains have a high oil or protein content. This encourages bacterial growth and can turn your sofa into a source of a very foul smell. Your sofa needs a thorough cleaning and sanitization by a cleaning technician for the sake of its hygiene.

  • Watermarks (or ring marks)- Watermarks are plain annoying. After all, you didn’t expect plain water to leave a mark on your couch, right? Watermarks occur when you spill water or some liquid on your sofa. And chances of that happening are pretty high. You wipe off the water or the liquid and the spot becomes cleaner than the rest of the area. However, the edge of the spillage leaves an irksome brown ring mark.

It is difficult to get rid of a ring mark by yourself. Luckily, professional fabric sofa cleaners know how to deal with this problem. So getting in touch with one is a great idea.

Do not neglect your fabric sofa! With timely care and maintenance from a sofa cleaning professional, you can make those tough stains a thing of past, and let your sofa shine and sparkle for many years.

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