Sofa is the most used yet the most neglected spot of our homes. Most of us put in great effort to keep our homes clean. Yet, we forget about our sofas. We think it looks clean, so why bother! Well, don’t be mistaken, as your sofa is brimming with dirt that you can’t see. According to research by microbiologists, the bacterial count on a sofa is usually five times that of a toilet seat.

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Think of it- every time you come back from your work, or the supermarket or the park, you crash on your sofa. The dirt and germs you bring from the outside transfer on your sofa, along with your body sweat. Your kids and pet bring muddy feet and paws to the sofa. And pets also shed their hair on the sofa. Pizza crumbs, ketchup spills, bits and pieces of pasta and cake too land up on the couch. You haven’t realized that your couch endures a lot.

While it is fairly easy to remove loose dust by yourself, other stains and grime are tough to get rid of. Your well-intentioned efforts with that cleaner picked up from the supermarket’s shelf can lead to more destruction, because not all cleaning agents are suitable for all materials. You might end up damaging or fading the sofa material.

Luckily, there are competent home cleaning professionals at your service, who are armed with the experience and right process of cleaning a sofa. Here are five reasons why we strongly recommend hiring the services of an expert upholstery cleaner for your sofa-

(I)           Cleaning a sofa all by yourself is a tedious task. And probably that’s why you ignore it! You need to clean in between the cushions, all the corners, etc. Moreover, those tough stains are immune to home cleaning efforts. Rather, we would suggest you to sit back and relax. Get in touch with an expert who will do the job for you, and do it better than you.

(II)          Different materials need to be handled differently, with the use of a suitable cleaning agent. What works on a leather sofa would not work on a fabric sofa. And what is good for one kind of fabric may not give proper results on another kind. A cleaning service professional is equipped with cleaning agents for different materials that couches are made up of, and they know the right way to handle each material.

(III)         Stains from wine spills, blood stains, urine, ketchup, coffee, etc. do not go away with scrubbing. However, such stains can be easily removed by cleaning technicians who have perfected their cleaning process over the years and have sophisticated equipment for the task.

(IV)        Sofas are a hotspot for a variety of germs. When you come from outside, you inadvertently carry bacteria and viruses home and transfer them to your couch. It is fairly easy and possible for someone else to pick a virus or a bacterium from the couch and fall sick. Flu viruses, Salmonella, E.coli, etc. can easily spread in your home through your sofa. Make your sofa germ free by having it thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with the help of a professional.

 (V)         The humid environment of Singapore harms your sofa too! Moisture collects on it, and make it a favorable place for fungus to grow. This gives a nasty odor to your sofa. The fungus damage the sofa material, and fungal spores circulate in air triggering allergies in vulnerable individuals. A sofa cleaning technician will clean your sofa and get rid of the fungal growth.

A clean sofa is desirable not only because it looks good, but it contributes to good hygiene and better indoor air quality. So don’t put it off for another day, get in touch with a trusted cleaning services company and have your sofa cleaned by an expert at least once in a year.



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